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Final Fantasy VII Playstation

Final Fantasy VII Playstation

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Final Fantasy VII Description

FINAL FANTASY VII has quickly become one of the best-selling Role Playing games of all time. Combining fully polygonal characters with pre-rendered backgrounds and a stirring musical score by Nobuo Uematsu, FINAL FANTASY VII is a worthwhile addition to any RPG collection. The story centers on the young mercenary Cloud Strife, who is fighting against the evil Shinra, Inc. Along the way, he meets an unforgettable cast of characters such as his childhood friend Tifa Lockhart and the grumpy pilot Cid Highwind. All together, it is an unforgettable and engrossing single-player game that can last for over 60 hours!

Final Fantasy VII Product Details

Genre: Role Playing
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Square
UPC: 711719416326
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Final Fantasy VII Reviews

One of the great games I played as a teenager (Micheal wilson in Tennessee)

Good game came with the case

a little getting use to the battle system. (donald bagley in Texas)

good game. it was in good shape for it,s age.

pretty fun (donald bagley in Alabama)

it takes a little getting use to the gameplay

Great game (Greg in Saskatchewan)

Came as they described, good condition, good packaging. Thank you

Pound for Pound, Arguably the Greatest Game Story Ever Told (NojEsco in Massachusetts)

Final Fantasy VII is a boundless work of imagination, art and emotion, and these all help tell what is one heck of an amazing story. While I would argue that Xenogears does contain a superior story overall, Xenogears requires considerably more time to complete; in addition, few games with such an outstanding story has such a memorable and unique visual flair (this Xenogears certainly does not have). Furthermore, the game features memorable characters, both protagonists and antagonists, an outstanding musical score, and best of all, it's extremely fun to play. It's never hard but offers just enough challenge to prevent being an RPG button masher. It even offers an interesting element of taking place in a world with a fragile lifestream, on the verge of running out, connecting all forms of life. As such, each enemy you defeat is literally aiding the world itself, giving you additional motive to grind. Overall, all in all, I cannot recommend this game enough - a brilliant story, unique art and an enjoyable and emotional experience unlike few others.

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