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Jeanne d'Arc PSP

Jeanne d'Arc PSP

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Jeanne d'Arc Description

A stratey-RPG offering from the makers of Dark Cloud. Jeanne d' Arc takes place in a fictitious world inspired by Jeanne d' Arc (known more commonly in English as Joan of Arc.) The game's background story begins far in the past, during a long war where dark gods attempted to use their demon armies to enter the human world but were stopped by five heroes. The story jumps forward to the 15th century AD as France and England battle during the 100 Years' War. You play as Jeanne as a 17 year old girl. When Jeanne is attacked by a demon at a festival, voices encourage her to defeat the monster and take up the legacy and eblem of the five heroes. Together with friends Lian and Roger, she takes up the cause to lead France towards victory against attacking demons and the English army. Gameplay is presented in 3D turn-based RPG play, utilizing the unique character powers and game rules to determine your offensive and defensive strategies.

Jeanne d'Arc Product Details

Genre: Strategy
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainmeng
UPC: 711719870029
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Jeanne d'Arc Reviews

Better grab it now before it's gone when it's retro. (Jacobino in Portugal)

This game is basically Vandal Hearts on PSP. I'm a guy that dislikes most SRPGs because of being too complex and/or boring, but this hits the spot. Buy it now before regretting it forever.

Unique, simple, and charming SRPG (croz in Florida)

Just finished this PSP exclusive and im very glad I purchased it. The characters are charming, the graphics are good, and the anime cutscenese add a lot of personality. I love the premise of a fantasy twist on history. Very cool titles!

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