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Ico Playstation 2

Ico Playstation 2 PS2

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Ico Description

Youre ICO, a young boy who was unfortunate enough to be born with a set of horns sprouting from his head. The hysterical townspeople banish you to a dark castle and leave you to die. After you discover a young girl whos also trapped in the castle, you decide that escape is the only option for the two of you. Youll face a variety of heinous creatures and daunting obstacles as your try to find your way out of the castle. If youre able to get out alive, you can convince the townspeople that you arent evil just different.

Ico Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Sony
UPC: 711719711322
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Ico Reviews

Good times (Jack in British Columbia)

I've only just started this game but it is beautiful, creepy, and challenging. The menu screen is really blurry for some reason, but I think that's due to how old this game is.

The CD is in excellent condition, I was pleasantly surprised.

outstanding (Rusty Shackleford in Ontario)

This game is a must have if you played and enjoyed "Shadow of the Colossus." Or if you'd enjoy a well put together, damn good looking (for ps2) puzzle solving game with mild combat elements. Shipping was fast and everything was in the condition specified. Thank you jjgames!

The Visual Appeal is Unmatched (Josh Culipher in New Mexico)

The visuals and puzzles in this game are rivaled only by Shadow of the Colossus (the second installment of the series). Hours of puzzles and battles. At first, I thought having to hold the hand of athother character throughout the game would be a major annoyance, but they pulled it off to make a great challenge there. Every game from has worked perfectly for me, and I have absolutely NO complaints.

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