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Tomb Raider III Playstation

Tomb Raider III Playstation

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Used. Good
Item, Box, Instructions 8.70
Used. Good
Item, Box, Instructions 7.81
Used. Cracked Case
Item, Box, Instructions 7.59
Used. Good
Game only 6.92
Used. Stickers on Game
Item, Box, Instructions 6.11
Used. Good
Game only 4.91
Used. Stickers on Game
Game only 4.41
Used. No Cover Artwork
Item, Box 4.24

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Tomb Raider III Description

Jump back into the world of amazing adventure with TOMB RAIDER III: Adventures of Lara Croft. In this third installment of the TOMB RAIDER series, you once again play as the incredible Lara Croft, a gorgeous, intelligent, highly skilled explorer of stunning proportions. With a wide array of stylish and lethal moves at your disposal and a ready arsenal of weapons to employ, you're ready to meet any challenge head on. Solve the mystery of an ancient meteor as you investigate dangerous jungles, icy wastes, and the rooftops of London. You'll always have to be ready to battle angry thugs, snarling hyenas, and a terrifying T-Rex as you solve mind-bending puzzles and much more.

Tomb Raider III Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Teen
Publisher: EIDOS
UPC: 788687301831
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Tomb Raider III Reviews

it is a very great game. (josephgeisler in California)

i am still playing the game i like this game very much.

favorite of TR games (Nick H in Pennsylvania)

Excellent price and working condition!

Too cool! (@/y$$@ in Oregon)

Lara's back for her 3rd time! Now, to complete this game you had to have memorized Lara's moves and enemies. This game is tricky. You have to have played TR 1 or 2 or else you'll die every now and then. TR3 is exiting with enemies from poisonous snakes to spine-chilling Shiva statues. You'll LOVE this TR game!

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