Reviews for Wii Sports

Reviews for Wii Sports for Wii

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Game (Sue in Texas)
  March 30, 2015

Really hard to rate, cause I needed it for my son who is handicapped and he wares that out and so I have to keep finding it else where. But I thank them much for having it to make my son happy. I received it promptly and price was reasonable.

as advertised! (Richard Lyons in Utah)
  February 26, 2015

DVD is in great condition


Essential "Gotta Have It" Wii Game - Sports (Dave in Alabama)
  January 13, 2015

disc was in good condition, but did not come with original case/cover. Was in a plain plastic case however.

Very pleased (steve in New Jersey)
  December 19, 2014

We needed a replacement for the original Wii Sports disk that comes with the unit. We didn't want someone else's used disk from Ebay, so we chose JJGames. We were very pleased with the results. The transaction went smoothly, and the disk worked great. Thanks.

better than i expected. (Anonymous)
  November 1, 2014

Love this game thank you JJ's for getting it to me cheaper!

Limited choices but still fun (Happy in Malaysia)
  July 9, 2013

I enjoy this game to bits! May not have sensitive controls like in its heir, Wii Sports Resort but you don't need that to have fun. Great for kids--as for bigger kids who want more controls and games, get Wii Sports Resort.

fun (Kelly in Georgia)
  March 21, 2013

It's a great game. We love playing it together. Every sport keeps us entertained.

The game that started it all (Michael in Wyoming)
  February 9, 2012

Wii Sports was bundled with the first Wii systems and started a gaming revolution (incidentally the Wii system's original name was Nintendo Revolution). Wii Sports makes a great party activity and good training for using the Wiimote in other games. Whether it's brother and sister duking out pent up anger in a virtual boxing match or grannies in the nursing home bowling strikes, Wii Sports is good clean fun.

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