Reviews for Final Fantasy XIII

Reviews for Final Fantasy XIII for Playstation 3

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Start to my collection (Tara in Louisiana)
  March 13, 2016

I bought this game with a ps3 and I am glad I did. It was like brand new also. I have played many hours on it already since I received it. Thank you JJgames. I will continue to do business with you and bring along more customers.

My Favorite JRPG (Steve in New Jersey)
  January 21, 2016

I love this game its my favorite Final Fantasy Game every the story and the characters. If you like Final Fantasy X you will enjoy this game also :D

Final Fantasy XII (Great Game) (Shondell in New York)
  November 18, 2014

Beautiful Graphics, great addition to the final fantasy series. Beat it, trying to platinum it so I can move on to Final Fantasy XIII-2.

BEAUTIFUL, but kinda boring I guess?? (Psycho in New Jersey)
  April 12, 2014

The game is extremely linear. Hence it's nickname, "Final Hallway". It has some cool things though, and is at the very least, a decent game.

Because of it's unmatched graphics for a game of it's time, and the fact that it could compete with (and beat) recent video games in terms of graphics, you'd be silly to rate this game anything lower than an 8.

A little heavy on foreign concepts, but damn solid (Shawn C in Ontario)
  January 25, 2014

I played this game through to the end at release, but only because I'd just found myself unemployed and needed something to do. The story stops about 60% through and forces you to slog through a ton of sidequests. I hate when games do that. The story is full of concepts and ideas that made no sense to me. I sold this game ages ago, and Lightning Returns' trailer convinced me I needed to check it out again. I loved this game so much more than before on a replay. Its biggest problem is that it's introducing us to the Fabula Nova Crystalis mythos and diving in head first. I think Final Fantasy fans needed to be eased into this. The game plays with flashbacks to the 13 days preceding the start of the story, and those flashbacks, I feel, would have made a lot more sense to have seen first and in order. Today, I love this game. I'm glad I replayed it, and I'm so excited for Lightning Returns.

LOVE IT! (J.S. in Georgia)
  January 8, 2014

Have always been a fan of the Final Fantasy Series. I am glad to say that I got it used for the perfect price, and it was in perfect condition as well. I will be ordering again soon.

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