Reviews for The Simpsons Hit and Run

Reviews for The Simpsons Hit and Run for Playstation 2

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Finally found it (Brittany T in Idaho)
  July 3, 2017

It's in super great condition! I was impressed..I've been looking for this game for awhile now and I'm glad I came across it here. Awesome price too!

Great game from a great company (Andrew in Alabama)
  April 28, 2016

Love this game, used to play it as a kid. It was very difficult find anywhere else especially at this great price. JJGames is great!

Great game for fans of Simpsons (Christopher Dorn in Ohio)
  March 11, 2013

I have played some funny games before but this has to be the funniest one so far. The interaction between the characters is amazing and the game play is great. In my opinion its like playing a grand theft auto game made for kids.

the best simpsons game their is (pedro in Nova Scotia)
  August 20, 2012

great game and the condition is good, the artwork on disc isnt clean but the back is in perfect condition which is all that matters.

Simpsons games shoud be made more like this (Gamerman in Ontario)
  July 8, 2012

Copy games normally aren't that great, but hit & run takes grand theft autond makes it funny, I love the missions in this game, was fun to race against time and stuff, I also loved the hidden veichles in each level, they were hidden carefully, the only thing I didn't like were the levels, there were great places for them to go. I love this game and I recomend it to simpsons or grand theft auto fans

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