Reviews for Goldeneye 007

Reviews for Goldeneye 007 for Nintendo 64

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Best Classic game ever (Narbz in Alabama)
  January 5, 2019

Since 11 years old I’ve loved this game and playing two players was always fun best childhood game.

Love it! (Christy K. in Georgia)
  November 4, 2018

Just like it was when it first came out! My husband loves playing and still remembers some of the same scenes from the old days.

Games (Cricri in Quebec)
  August 9, 2018

Best game ever !!!must have this game !!!!!

A Classic! (Joe M in Nevada)
  July 24, 2018

Goldeneye is, of course, a classic, and one of the best, if not the best titles for N64. One of the best games of the 1990s, and one of the best FPS of all time. One complaint though, I just wish it was longer!

Nostalgic fun (Sam S. in Texas)
  December 26, 2017

The cartridge works perfectly, came in great shape, and starts without any issues. Bought it for a Christmas gift for my husband, and we both had a laugh at the graphics, and were pleasantly surprised how much we remembered on the maps.

Yes!!! (Marcus A. Alston in Alabama)
  September 17, 2017

Classic game good condition havnt played it yet.

Best Boyfriend Gift Ever (Tara in Pennsylvania)
  February 27, 2017

Was nervous to see if it would work but my boyfriend and myself had a great weekend playing this thing until our thumbs hurt. It was fun to see his face as he played it and hear him hum to the music. For myself as a first time player, thumbs up!

Great condition! (Anonymous)
  August 18, 2016

This game works great and is an immediate flashback to my childhood.

good game (Anonymous)
  February 14, 2016

Good game

A favorite (Kris Stazel in Washington)
  December 24, 2015

Just as great as since it came out.

Classic Fun (Dizzy in Ontario)
  August 11, 2015

Great condition. Game works perfectly

Bought as a gift (Brittany in South Dakota)
  August 1, 2015

Game worked well, my boyfriend loved it

Excellent Game (Dave in Ontario)
  July 23, 2015

I forgot how hard this game truly was. First person shooter controls are way different in the late 90s then how they are now. Nonetheless, the game is exceptionally fun. Brining back old memories. I was playing 1-3 levels a day since I bought it. In the last week I haven't played it cause I haven't had time for my N64, but I am extremely happy with my purchase to slowly add to my growing N64 collection.

Best game ever? (Mrobb in New Jersey)
  May 30, 2015

Bought it cause I heard it was best game. 1v1 I be clappin' people in it..regular shit

best childhood memories (Dave in New York)
  April 13, 2015

Excellent fast shipping and quick email response with communication. Will definitely be buying from here again and game works perfectly being 20 years old :)

Still fun. (Kevin in New York)
  March 23, 2015

In my opinion, not as fun for multiplayer than Mario Kart but still very worth getting. Arrived on time and in good condition.

Classic (Pete in Ontario)
  March 4, 2015

This game is the primary reason I recently bought an N64, memories of having played it at friends houses years back when it was new. The controls take some getting used to for people who are accustomed to newer consoles that have a right sided camera stick, but after awhile you get right back into it. It is awesome and totally worth your $

Best Game 4 N64 (Gunner in United States)
  February 9, 2015

Even after all these years,GoldenEye still kicks ass,plus JJ Games were fast and reasonable.

Best Game 4 N64 (Gunner in Florida)
  February 9, 2015

Even after all these years,GoldenEye still kicks ass,plus JJ Games were fast and reasonable.

best Multiplayer action in a while (Chizmad in Michigan)
  September 22, 2014

title says it all

One of the best fps games ever made. (Grayson in Arizona)
  April 25, 2014

Don't listen to all those whiny modern fps fanboys. This game is still fun to play even today. Oh and again thanks JJgames :D.

Gameplay and level design: The game is super fun. A lot of the generic cod and cod clones of today just cant seem to get it right. yeah sure you can argue that the controls aren't what they use to be but hey give the game a break, you have to remember this was when they didn't have the technology to make butter smooth controls when it came to fps's. Also the controls aren't nearly as bad as what the modern cod fanboys say.Also you'll get use to the controls eventually. The level design isn't too shabby neither.

Graphics,art style, and overall design: Ill be the first to admit that comparing golden eye's graphics to the newest cod or battlefield is like comparing a bunch of scribbles a kindergartener did to roman architecture. Lets be honest golden eye fans as much as I love golden eye more than most shooters of today its graphics haven't aged too well but is that gonna stop me from enjoying an awesome game? Of course not! Golden eye is still fun and if your gonna hate on it simply because of its graphics well than go play your mediocre gameplay cod than. Ill kindly choose gameplay over graphics.

Music and sound: The game sounds awesome. its almost like the game is in hd. Not to mention this is one of the best soundtracks of that era and any era.

story:While I don't really want to talk much about the story as it would spoil a lot of the game and movie. Ill just say that its an average generic story most fps games have but this one's actually not too bad and is done pretty well.

Length,replay value, and difficulty: Multiplayer is fun, has a lot of replay value because of the fact you can replay missions and do other stuff, pretty decently long game, and it can be hard at times.

Score: 9/10

Final verdict and conclusion:

Pros:Fun story, Fun multiplayer, so much to do, lots of replay value, Gameplay is still awesome,pretty good music, sound effects are nice, sound quality is good.

Cons: Graphics haven't aged well and aren't all that good even for n64 standards, Story is to generic but meh I guess ill let it past since it was 97, controls are hard to get use to especially with the n64 controller.

Best shooter on the 64 (Anonymous)
  January 6, 2014

Its hard to get back on the controls, but once you get used to them it makes a good multiplayer match

The Godfather of FPS (Kelly in California)
  October 20, 2013

I'd rather play this classic than whatever Call of Duty just came out. I've easily spent more time playing this game with friends than any other game. It really doesn't get much better than 4 player Bond on a big screen :)

can't beat this multi player 64 game (rob in Ontario)
  October 16, 2013


A good shooter (Anonymous in Wisconsin)
  July 29, 2013

A pretty good shooter for the n64

Loved it ! (Jayla in Florida)
  July 19, 2013

Game was just as I expected .

Great classic for game nights! (Anonymous)
  July 17, 2013

Oddjob is still the best in multiplayer!

Awesome (Ryan in Alabama)
  June 10, 2013

Was great as a kid and still is today. Would play this everyday if I had the time to do so

great game (Alfonso Gutierrez in California)
  June 7, 2013

Must buy classic game.

Brings back great memories (Angad in Ontario)
  May 23, 2013

Great multiplayer and in my opinion the starting place for all fps games today.

Goldeneye. (Anonymous in Louisiana)
  March 29, 2013

Nothing more really needs to be said. Everything heard about this game is true. One of the best first person shooters ever. I ordered it from JJGames and got it in perfect condition.

Fun (Andy in Wisconsin)
  February 22, 2013

Really fun but kind of hard and what I don't like on multilayer you can only go against your friends it wont let you go against bots.

Also you can cheat on the game during game play but have to type the cheats in EXTREMELY fast or they don't work.

best game (patty tate in North Carolina)
  January 19, 2013

My son just loves it. He can't wait to play it on the weekends.

Works Perfectly (kideroo in Massachusetts)
  December 28, 2012

The game plays great, however be advised that you will need a memory card to save any progress or else you're back at level 1

Best game ever (Frank in Illinois)
  December 24, 2012

Best FPS

The best throwback out there! (JGran in Alabama)
  October 18, 2012

Great game, filled with childhood memories!

A pioneer (Daniel in Manitoba)
  October 14, 2012

Before Goldeneye, shooters on consoles struggled to find a formula that worked. Many thought it couldn't be done. Enter Goldeneye with an extremely fun single-player campaign, addictive multi-player, and a killer soundtrack. It totally revolutionized console shooters and out-shined many PC shooters in its time. Even today, it stands as some of the most fun you can have with some friends.

BEST FPS (bruce in West Virginia)
  October 9, 2012

Don't mind Bob in Californias comment. This game brings the true meaning to first person shooter. For all of you new school generation gamers If you ever have the chance to play this game play it you will not be disappointed. Of course the graphics are not what they are today but back then this was the game to have if you owned a n 64. I can honestly say this is the game that got me into shooters! Must have for collectors!

Call of 007 (BLAHBAA in Alabama)
  July 8, 2012

For all you guys out there playing COD, thank bond for that. Goldeneye defined multi-player shooters in general.

Ignore the graphics or slightly low polygon count and it could be the best shooter there is.

An amazing installment all stored on a N64 cart. I played Perfect Dark before Goldeneye. For some reason Goldeneye gave off a more distinctive feel than perfect dark.

Stop neglecting this game due to crappy COD shooters. Even critics (Idiotic one) neglect this.

Maybe the best licensed game there is?

Very satisfied (Wingnut 1 in Florida)
  May 31, 2012

Game plays great. Still best game ever!

Best game for 64 (Kevin in Utah)
  May 16, 2012

Classic killer

bad game (bob in California)
  May 12, 2012

first person games suck

If you have an N64 and not this game then you are doing it wrong. (James in Florida)
  April 4, 2012

One of my favorite classics. I played this game a lot when I was a kid, the multiplayer is a lot of fun with friends, so are all the little secrets and glitches. It's probably not as fun to play out single by yourself, but it's still good.

This game can just be torn apart with a gameshark. There are all kinds of weird things in it and mods people made. You should look up the codes if you get this and still have a working gameshark.

good (Anonymous)
  March 1, 2012

My first time playing it, had a hard time figuring out what buttons did what. Got the hang of it eventually

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