Reviews for Medal of Honor

Reviews for Medal of Honor for Playstation

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Good game (David in Georgia)
  February 25, 2018

Liked this

Great PS1 Game (Ric Miller in Manitoba)
  March 3, 2017

Game is very good for a PS1 title. Controls take a bit to get use to but overall a good playthrough and a good value.

Great game (Britney in Ohio)
  March 31, 2016

A must have

A real classic that still holds up! (Shaneo_Draino in Oregon)
  August 15, 2015

When I ordered this game, I knew I was getting one of the best games of the 32bit era. What shocked me was how well this game held up. Medal of Honor's gameplay, sound, and presentation are still as good as any modern game. If there are small nitpicks, the graphics are a bit muddy by modern standards and the default control scheme has always been clunky. Control issues can be changed in the menu, but there isn't much that can be done about the graphics. Still a great game that deserves a playthru every couple years, Five stars!

great item (mmm in Quebec)
  April 24, 2015

Great item

Impressive (Keen in Connecticut)
  February 21, 2015

Feels like a sequel to Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad. Impressive.

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