Reviews for Nintendo Game Save Battery CR-1616

Reviews for Nintendo Game Save Battery CR-1616 for Gameboy Advanced

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it was great (andrew in Utah)
  June 1, 2015

Used it to fix one of my gba pokemen games. Now my game save great

Battery works great, game saves again. (Seth G. in California)
  October 16, 2013

Imported Picross 2 for the original Game Boy and the game wouldn't save. Popped the cartridge open and the board was stamped with CR-1616 near the battery so I did a quick search of where I could buy one with connector tabs and that lead me here. If you want to properly replace the battery, you really need one with those connector tabs connected; if you just go to RadioShack or whatever to buy one it won't have the tabs so you can only do a cheapy battery replacement that involves cutting solder and electric tape.

Anyway, I have minimal soldering experience but I was able to replace the battery easily enough. Game saves now. I'm happy.

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