Reviews for Jak II

Reviews for Jak II for Playstation 2

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Good game (TTease in California)
  March 28, 2019

My son loves this game

Good game (TTease in California)
  March 28, 2019

My son loves this game

Back in action (Ray M in Arizona)
  July 23, 2017

This was the only Jak game that was missing in my collection, so fn happy to find it

Lots of fun (Suzanne Constantin in Ontario)
  May 22, 2015

I love games that are for 10+ because they are easier, and since I'm 66, my fingers & brain can only handle the easy ones. At times, this game is difficult, but with patience, I can get through it.

one of the best games to play (glenn in North Carolina)
  April 11, 2015

playing it now order on monday got it thursday

Best (Jamice Jackson-Harris in Alabama)
  August 3, 2014

My son loves this game!

awsome (Andre Hamilton in Alabama)
  June 15, 2013

It was a amazing game with cool weapons and powers.

Fun for all ages (Parker MacMurray in New York)
  January 17, 2013

Good condition and fun game. The Jak series is legendary.

One of the best in the series. (Branden Casper in California)
  June 24, 2012

Jak 2 is an amazing entry in the series, and has an overall darker tone than its predecessor. The gameplay is amazing, and adds new elements, such as guns, driving of vehicles, open-world exploration, transforming into a powerful dark version of yourself, as well as many other things.

The game, being more darker, is of course more mature than the previous one, and as such, may not be as appropriate for younger audiences as the previous game was. Platforming elements are also not as strong as in the previous entry, though they are still pretty good.

I recommend this game to anyone. Do yourself a favor, and buy it. Happy gaming!

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