Reviews for Alias

Reviews for Alias for Playstation 2

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Awesome Game. Perfect For Fans of the TV Series (Anonymous in Pennsylvania)
  February 27, 2016

As a huge Alias fan, this game goes great with the show. I binge watch Alias on Netflix regularly, I love the characters on the show and Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite actresses. The game puts you right into the show playing as Sydney Bristow. Utilizing her use of disguises, martial arts and hacking abilities, the game is a must have for any Alias fan and a great stand alone title in its own right. Impressive graphics and gameplay for a PS2 title as well and features all the voice acting from the stars of the show.

Garner with guns (Joseph in Texas)
  October 20, 2014

Good story and great voice acting from the Alias tv show cast. Jennifer Garner is made well and looks awesome. Having new gadgets to succeed each mission is nice. Its about stealth but i like that you can beat up on guys. Would recommend if women protagonist games are your fancy like me.

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