Reviews for Final Fantasy XII

Reviews for Final Fantasy XII for Playstation 2

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Fun game in good condition. Your site is great for finding "old stuff". (Anonymous)
  April 11, 2016

Hard to find "older" video games without visiting flea markets and the like. Your site is great for finding "old stuff". Game arrived in good condition. I am enjoying playing Final Fantasy XII on my PlayStation 2.

New Final Fantasy (Morrick in Ontario)
  September 16, 2012

If you're used to the old Final Fantasy game-play, this will be a big change for you, but not necessarily bad. You can still expect a good story line, it has a good blend of JRPG with some political turmoil. The characters aren't my favorite of Final Fantasy games, but they have their appeal. Character customization is very free in this game, you can make your characters into whatever you want, a Time Mage, a Thief, a Knight, Black Mage, and mix and match in any way you feel appropriate. The game-play is a bit of a mix between an active turn based game, and an MMORPG. If your a gamer who feels that game franchises should branch out and try to change the formula, you should definitely give this game a try.

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