Reviews for Jaws Unleashed

Reviews for Jaws Unleashed for Playstation 2

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Best game ever (Hungry hippo in Texas)
  April 2, 2017

I like the game because it is fun eating sharks,people and boats.

what youd expect (darien in Connecticut)
  September 15, 2014

its a gta clone where you play as the shark, roaming the oceans causing havoc; how much is up to you. if going around an island chomping brutally on swimmers, fisherman, jetskiers, etc. sounds good, then go for it. the biggest drawbacks are the multiple glitches. expect it to freeze once or twice, and definitely expect to be stuck in a wall or twelve during your course. this is by no means the best game ever, but if youre a fan of the movies, mindless gore and basic mayhem, give it a chance.

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