Reviews for God of War 2

Reviews for God of War 2 for Playstation 2

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Epic game (Milagros Lebron in New York)
  May 7, 2017

I have to say this game exceed my expectation. I was COMPLETLY! BLOWN AWAY! by the soundtrack, very professionally done by the UK orchestra. The story line I ABSOLUTY! Appreciated it went on a whole new level. I love the wide selection of weapons and abilities gain by earning them on each level.
I do appreciate the voice talent of the orginal voice talent of from the original film battle of the Titans film. If there is any negative it would have to be the main character, Kratos who I HATE!. His mindset is just about himself and his own gains, he has no honor(Offcouse that is just a my personal opinion back to the game). God of War II is a MUST! Have to all SERIOUS! Gamers.

Its an incredible game (Vero Acevedo in California)
  June 28, 2015

The game is great, well, the part that I was able to play. The disc always freezes at the same place. I made sure there was no dust on it, and had no trouble with any of my other games. This got really annoying so I gave up. Its a great game, but, I didn't get to play much of it.

Great game (Ricardo Martinez in California)
  February 4, 2014

Excellent value, great service.

great for kids (Anonymous)
  December 5, 2013

My grandson loved it, plays it often, we were very pleased with our purchase

Great fun filled game (orrette muir in Jamaica)
  September 14, 2013

Thus is an awesome game. One of my favourite all time games. I am literally hooked when i am playing it.

Fantastic Game (Anonymous)
  March 12, 2012

Really loved this game, somewhat challenging but great in so many ways. One of the all time best games.

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