Reviews for Super Nintendo Controller

Reviews for Super Nintendo Controller for Super Nintendo

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Snes controller (Aaron in Alaska)
  August 10, 2016


Excellent Condition! (Romina in New York)
  August 4, 2016

I am so happy to have these controllers, they are in great condition and work perfectly.

Excellent Controllers! (Romina in New York)
  August 4, 2016

I am so happy with this purchase, I was finally able to play with my Super Nintendo again, They were in great condition and work wonderfully.

Great product (MM in Arizona)
  April 29, 2016

Back to saving donkey kong country!

Happy with purchase (Double M in Arizona)
  April 29, 2016

Works great!!! Looks good!!

Good Use (Angela Martin in Wisconsin)
  August 13, 2015

It is great to be able to play a game with another person.

Great working condition (Anonymous)
  March 9, 2015

The controller works like a charm.

Love JJ Games (Anonymous in North Carolina)
  October 6, 2014

I've bought quite a few items from over the past couple of months, (maybe more than my wife cares for) and they have all been excellent.

Exactly as advertised (Shahn in Maryland)
  March 28, 2014

Controller performs exactly as I remember. Very solid construction, much betterthan tthe cheap Chinese usb controllers on amazon.

Good Stuff (Joe in Kentucky)
  March 13, 2014

Works reasonably well but the pause button either sticks or doesn't respond appropriately. Not a big deal except for one game that the pause is critical for. Works fine with all the other games. Thanks.

Much Better Than Generic (Daniel in Colorado)
  October 2, 2013

The original SNES controllers are so much better than generic controllers. They feel better in your hand, they are more reliable, and seem to be more responsive too. I always buy the original controllers even if they are a bit more money.

I love this classic controller (Roberto in California)
  May 16, 2013

The controller, even though used, is in amazing condition. Loved it! =D

Used controller (J. Lauren Blair in Louisiana)
  April 18, 2013

The controller actually didn't work but they were very quick to replace and resolve the issue.

Finallyyy! (skylolo in United Kingdom)
  January 2, 2013

Exactly what I wanted. An official super Nintendo controller, guys you should sell through amazon! You know how hard it is to get one??!!!

Controller (Anonymous in District Of Columbia)
  December 17, 2012

I needed a standard controller for my old SNES. It arrvied on time and works great.

Perfect!!! (Andrew in Pennsylvania)
  October 5, 2012

Controller works great...It's fantastic to be able to play these old school systems and have the ability to get accessories and games as if they were brand new!!

works well (Garnet in Alabama)
  September 22, 2012

I wanted to have Nintendo made controller after reading various negative reviews on after market controllers. The quality is definitely better with Nintendo original controllers

great controller (Dockens in Texas)
  May 12, 2012

Great controller and the price was so reasonable. Will buy again soon.

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