Reviews for Bully

Reviews for Bully for Playstation 2

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One of my favorite games (Jesse in Texas)
  August 24, 2018

Playing this games takes me back to when I used to stay up all night playing it. Bully is such a great game. I recommend it.

For kids (Laurie hood in Alabama)
  December 18, 2017

It's like GTA but basically the kids version, it's a very creative game a game that can really teach kids a lesson not to bully each other. It also tests your skills of knowledge. 😊 I'm very pleased with this game.

Best game since gta sa (Cody cutter in Nevada)
  October 5, 2016

I dont have this game on the disc but I have it on ps3 download and I loved it its like gta for well not kids more like teens but it still has its gta fun in it no guns no driveING just bikes and slingshot buy this game if it is in Stock

As I remembered (Anthony Mickens in New Jersey)
  September 2, 2016

I've always like bully love that it's in great condition

Nice (Ernesto in Mexico)
  August 31, 2014

Best Service ever

CD was hard to put in... (Anonymous)
  November 8, 2013

And I had to restart the PlayStation numerous times but I got it to work

Rockstars Finest (Moot in British Columbia)
  November 1, 2013

Bully is a small scale grand theft auto like game where you play as Jimmy Hopkins, a 14 year old school boy with a bad temper. Face off with the stereo typical high school cliques; Jocks, Nerds, Greasers, Preppies and the Bully's to become the top dog of Bullworth Academy, the worst school in the country.

smooth graphics, a whimsical soundtrack and over the top voice acting make for a wonderful good time.

Fun to mess around in (Anonymous)
  October 20, 2013

I had a friend who let me play this YEARS ago. My favorite part was the sandbox play. I was able to go around messing with other students and fighting them. It's still a really cool game today. I recommend it!

best game ever (Austin in United States)
  June 29, 2013

thank you so much for the game the last bully I ordered came all scratched up and I really wanted to finish the game I will keep buying from this sight

My son loves it. (Rhonda in Louisiana)
  April 8, 2013

I've been buying games through this site for aleast 4 years and I never had any problems with the product. I am very happy because my kids are very happy.

Amazing (Anonymous)
  July 12, 2012

Great graphics, fun story, and hilarious side missions.

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