Reviews for Game Genie

Reviews for Game Genie for Sega Genesis

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Excellent for cheating (Anonymous in Australia)
  July 26, 2015

Great little cartridge for applying cheats to those crazy hard games, and to make some games more fun by adding options! Prepare to get charged extra due to not being an American, as jj games does not feel we are equals if we aren't born in America.

makes retro gaming less stressful (Anthony Johnson in Ontario)
  March 29, 2015

The game genie I received from JJ is mint!

Very good (marco in Spain)
  August 15, 2014

If you want to enter codes to play infinite lives and other kind of stuff like that, it works perfect. What I am a little bit dissapointed is that I thought it could be use to play import games but I tried and it didnt work in that way. Am I not correctly using it? I dont know, but if you want to use it in this way better doing a research in internet wether it works or not with imported games.Nevertheless, I like it very much and it is very useful for me.

Great accessory (Nicolas in Quebec)
  July 16, 2012

Ideal if you want to cut corners and go through a game without much effort, or to play import Japanese games, just like I did with Alien Soldier! =D

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