Reviews for Gran Turismo 3

Reviews for Gran Turismo 3 for Playstation 2

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GT3 (me in Washington)
  March 8, 2018

great game in good shape

An oldie but a goodie (Shawn in Alberta)
  November 12, 2017

Having great fun with my son who loves to modify the cars

Where it all started (Ray M in Arizona)
  July 23, 2017

In this game is where I fell in love with my current car, a nissan 300zx. Ever since I played this game when I was 10 I couldn't believe the amazing graphics, for that time. Great game

God Game (Alex in Minnesota)
  June 15, 2017

Just a great game cars feel realistic. Althoe Engine sounds low it's not a problem or a con just could be louder.

Great Condition!! (Anthony in Florida)
  January 17, 2017

My Game came in on time and was shipped in less than a day. Ever since I got it i have been enjoying it non-stop. Thanks JJGames for all of your hard work.

Fun memories, worked perfectly (Nick Coy in Michigan)
  August 19, 2016

The game was as fun as I remembered, and luckily the game worked perfectly.

Great game thanks (Anonymous in Alabama)
  August 25, 2015

I love the game and it works great. I would recommend you anytime. and your shipping is fast thank you.

great game (Timmy Sr. in Alabama)
  August 14, 2014

i am a repeat customer with 4 gaming sons. i have bought multiple games and i am extremely happy with my purchases. the best part of JJGAMES is they are an honest company with more than honest quality games. whether its a higher priced game or a lower priced game, you always get MINT condition games. i love you guys girls and the dog! LOL

I love this game (Jeff in Alabama)
  August 9, 2014

I love this game!

Best game ever (James edwards)
  February 7, 2013

I give it 5 stars

Real cars, real driving! (Jimenez Digital in Arizona)
  January 29, 2013

Always Gran Turismo Saga has a great games, you should give it a chance!

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