Reviews for Gameboy Player w/ Startup Disc

Reviews for Gameboy Player w/ Startup Disc for Gamecube

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Wonderful find!! (Robyn in Washington)
  August 22, 2019

I have searched on and off for years to find this, mine was stolen 6 months after buying one new when it came out. Finding one that actually had the English version disc was amazing. After recieving it, I was also happy to see the disc in surprisingly great condition.It arrived quickly, and have been playing old Zelda gameboy and advanced cartridges. 5 stars to J.J games!!

Awesome!!! (Mitch in Alabama)
  May 12, 2019

I love this add-on!

Good buy (Cody in Iowa)
  February 14, 2019

Delivered quickly and works great!

Nastalgia (Ricetopia in Alabama)
  December 1, 2017

Playing original Tetris from Gameboy on the big screen was a touching moment. This device is a must have for anybody who wants to play Gameboy games on the big screen.

Awesome accessory (Tommy in New York)
  August 5, 2017

Playing gb/gba games on a 40inch tv is way better than on a tiny screen. Great buy!

Always reliable. (Anonymous in California)
  October 2, 2015

Everything shipped quicker than expected as have all the orders i've made before, everything was in great and working condition.

Works great! (Tyler Snyder in Ohio)
  January 24, 2013

The GameBoy Player with Startup Disc works great. It shipped fast. Thank you.

good (Anonymous)
  July 9, 2012

the gameboy player worked fine and the startup disc was near mint

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