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14 Best Video Game Themed T-Shirts

Published by: JJ Hendricks on January 06, 2019

We don't sell t-shirts at but we definitely wear them. About half of my wardrobe consists of video game shirts of various kinds. Below is a list of the 12 best video game t-shirts.

The Last Supper Shirt

pacman last supper t-shirt

This shirt makes me laugh every time. Pac-man and Blinky's dinner was so nice until dessert.
Unavailable now.

Mario Kart Road Rage Shirt

mario kart road rage shirt

An accident investigation and there's a red shell. I love the mario kart reference in a real world setting.
Available on Threadless

You Died of Dysentery Shirt

Oregon Trail T-Shirt

Dysentery is no laughing matter. I lost more sons and daughters to it in Oregon Trail than I care to remember. Poor John Boy, made it all the way to the Dallas before dying.
Available on 6 Dollar Shirts

Tetris: Shit Happens Shirt

Tetris Video Game Shirt

We've all felt this in Tetris. Forest Gump was right, it does happen.
Available on BustedTees

Love the Bomb Shirt

Mario Bomb Gaming T-Shirt

Mario riding on a Bullet Bill just like the famouse scene in Doctor Strange Love.
Available on Threadless

Cartridge Of Time Shirt

Zelda Cartridge of Time Shirt

Combines old school blowing in NES cartridges and Link blowing in the Ocarina of Time.
Available on Threadless

Cowbell Hero Shirt

Cowbell Hero T-Shirt

Please, Please, Please add more Cowbell to Guitar Hero. Blue Oyster Cult and Will Farrell will be so happy.
Available on OldGlory

Contra/Konami Code Shirt

Contra Code T-Shirt

Forever ingrained into my brain. Why can't I stop saying this in my sleep!!!
Available on SpreadShirt

Let It Bii T-Shirt

Let It Bii Shirt

Two of my favorite things in one t-shirt: the Beatles and Wii. I own the album and the Mii's look pretty good too.
From NerdyShirts but no longer available.

Nintendo Family Tree T-Shirt

Nintendo Family Tree Shirt

Is the Virtual Boy like that Uncle that nobody talks to at the family reunion?
From NerdyShirts but no longer available.

Katamari and Elephant T-Shirt

Katamari T Shirt

The elephant and the little guy look friendly enough but don't get complacent elephant; you'll get rolled up in the Katamari once it's big enough.
Unavailable now.

It's On Like Donkey Kong T-Shirt

donkey kong t shirt

Everyone likes to get it on like Donkey Kong every now and then.
Available on ShirtStash

Ghost Busted Shirt

Ghost Busted

Love the Pac-man and Ghostbusters references combined into one shirt.
Available on Threadless

Classically Trained: NES Controller Shirt

classically trained nes shirt

Make sure everyone knows you've played classics.
Available on 6DollarShirts

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