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Owner and Family at JJGames Christmas Party
Owner & Family at JJGames Christmas Party

JJGames.com is an online retailer of used video games, consoles, and accessories. We sell items for every console from Nintendo NES to Xbox 360, but specilize in vintage consoles that are no longer sold at stores. JJGames started in 1999 with a Sega Genesis and 10 games, but now offers more than 20,000 games & accessories in stock every day.

JJGames is based out of Denver, Colorado with 12 employees shipping, unpacking, cleaning, and answering your questions about video games. The company is a family run business with three generations working in the company now. And if you count the owner's sons throwing packing peanuts in boxes, another generation will be joining soon.

History of JJGames

JJGames Warehouse
N64 Games at JJGames Warehouse

JJ Hendricks started JJGames in the fall of 1999 in his college dorm room at Babson College. He bought a Genesis and 10 games from a seller on a college bulletin board and resold them on eBay. Over the next four years the business was part-time as JJ used the income to put himself through school.

After graduation JJGames turned into a full time job and soon added its first employee. Every year since, JJGames has hired more employees and bought more games. We are busting at the seams in our sixth warehouse location. If all goes as planned we will move larger space within the year so we can offer even more classic games for you - our customer.

JJ Hendricks is an avid rare video game collector. He has bought games like Nintendo World Championship Gold, Nintendo Campus Challenge, and Nintendo PowerFest 94, which all have fewer than 20 copies known to exist. When he isn't working or collecting games JJ spends lots of time with his wife and two sons, ages 4 and 1 1/2.

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