Best Nintendo NES Games

If you own a Nintendo NES Console you need to know the best games to own.
These are the best Nintendo NES games ever made and what makes them so great.

10 Best Nintendo NES Games

Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt

Publisher: Nintendo

Two games on one cartridge; Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Super Mario Bros: The classic tale of an Italian plumber smashing bricks and stepping on mushrooms and turtles in order to rescue the princess. Duck Hunt: The basic light zapper game for the NES. Two game modes allow players to either shoot ducks with the help of the trusty hound or fire at clay pigeons. Its one of the best selling games of all time.

Super Mario Bros 3

Publisher: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros 3 is the last Mario game made for the original Nintendo. There are more warps, more chances at extra levels, and new special suits! The raccoon suit lets you fly and knock-out blocks. The frog suit helps you out-swim deadly fish. Store up flowers and mushrooms to use later on. Play game-show type bonus rounds to win special power-ups.


Publisher: Nintendo

Tetris is one of the greatest puzzle games of all time. Pieces fall from the sky and you have to rotate them and try to complete rows. If you complete a row it disappears. The the blocks reach the top of the screen its game over. They start coming faster and faster as you get further into the game. Tetris is an addictive puzzle masterpiece.

Legend of Zelda

Publisher: Nintendo

Find the Triforce, slay Ganon and save Princess Zelda in the timeless adventure game from Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Zelda. Legend of Zelda is an exploration and adventure game. You have to find where to go and solve puzzles in every dungeon. You find new weapons as you progress and can then discover new areas in the world.

Final Fantasy

Publisher: Square

The first game in the Final Fantasy series. Its the most popular RPG series in the world and this game started it all. Wander the world defeating monsters, gaining experience, buying new weapons, and casting magic spells. Its a very simple turn based RPG but one that is still fun to this day.

Mega Man 2

Publisher: Capcom

Mega Man 2 is a platforming game like the Super Mario games, but much harder. Each level ends with a boss battle and if you defeat the boss you get a special weapon to use in future levels. The key is knowing which bosses are weak to which weapons. At the end of the game you have to fight each boss again and then fight Dr. Wily. The sound track for the game is one of the best on the NES.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

Publisher: Nintendo

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out is on of the most popular video games of all time. Step into the ring as Little Mac, a 17-year-old fighter from the Bronx, ranked number three in the minor circuit. Your goal is to work your way up through the rankings until you can challenge Mike Tyson in a dream fight. Each boxer along the way has a unique fighting style, funny personality, and individual weakness.

Tecmo Bowl

Publisher: Tecmo

The most popular football game to hit the NES console, Tecmo Bowl pits the player vs. the computer in 11 game single-elimination playoff action. You can also go head-to-head with a human opponent in action or coach mode. There are 12 teams of real NFL players (circa 1988) to choose from.

Duck Tales

Publisher: Capcom

From the sale publisher's as Mega Man, Duck Tales is a very solid platformer even though its a game based off a TV show. You control Scrooge McDuck as he collects treasure throughout the world and outer space. The bosses are unique and fun, there are hidden areas, and the music is great.


Publisher: Konami

Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Select Start. For many gamers this code is etched in their minds because of one game, Contra. The game is super difficult unless you use this code to get 30 lives. Even then you will have to spend countless hours and many restarts in order to beat it.

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