Best Playstation 1 Games

If you own a Playstation 1 Console you need to know the best games to own for the PS1.
These are the 10 best Playstation 1 games ever made and what makes them so great.

10 Best PS1 Games

Metal Gear Solid

Publisher: Konami

A special military unit known as Fox Hound, led by an evil expatriate, has taken over a nuclear installation in Alaska and plan to launch a nuclear warhead. Only one of their former members, the mysterious Solid Snake, is skilled enough to infiltrate the compound and stop them. Fortunately, the guards and Fox Hound are unaware of Snakes arrival. If he stays in the shadows, Snake will be able to move through the compound undetected and unharmed. Of course, it isnt all about stealth, and there are plenty of weapons at Snakes disposal. In METAL GEAR SOLID, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders..

Gran Turismo

Publisher: Sony

GRAN TURISMO combines arcade and simulation racing in one package. You can hit one of 11 tracks with a limited number of cars in the Arcade mode, while those with a preference for simulation will want to play the Gran Turismo mode. Choose from close to 150 real-world cars that look and drive like their real-world counterparts and hit the track. With GRAN TURISMO, arcade racers and simulation racers can stop the feuding and live in peace.


Publisher: GT Interactive

In DRIVER, you are the wheelman. Go undercover and travel to Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York as you take on 40 missions and investigate the Castaldi crime family. Be careful though, as the cops don't know you're one of them and will always be looking for a chance to bust you. If you don't like all of the cops and robbers stuff, use the free-ride mode and explore any of the four cities at your own pace. Play DRIVER and put an end to organized crime.


Publisher: Hasbro

The arcade classic FROGGER has been updated for the PlayStation. You play the role of a frog as he tries to beat the traffic and make it across the swamp to the safety of his lily pad. Unlike his predecessors, this frog has some new moves to help him, including a tongue whip, super croak, and super hop. Do you know why the frog tried to cross the road? Play FROGGER and try to find out.

Crash Bandicoot 2 Cortex Strikes Back

Publisher: Sony

After his defeat, Dr. Neo Cortex discovers the crystals that keep the world in balance. However, something is wrong: some of the crystals are missing. When the planets align, the chaotic flux created by the event will destroy the world. Cortex devises a plan to save the world by creating the Cortex Vortex. To help him save the world Cortex recruits his nemesis, Crash Bandicoot, to help him find the crystals. Take control of Crash as he travels through 34 levels of running, jumping, and spinning action. Can Dr. Cortex be trusted or is all of this an elaborate ruse? Play CRASH BANDICOOT 2: Cortex Strikes Back and find out.

Tomb Raider II

Publisher: Eidos

Jump back into the world of amazing adventure with TOMB RAIDER II. In this sequel to TOMB RAIDER, you once again play as the incredible Lara Croft, a gorgeous, intelligent, highly skilled explorer of stunning proportions. With a wide array of stylish and lethal moves at your disposal and a ready arsenal of weapons to employ, you're ready to meet any challenge head on. Solve the mystery of the sacred dagger as you investigate creepy, deathtrap filled ruins, and uncover hidden treasures. You'll battle angry thugs, snarling tigers, and frightening dinosaurs, while also tackling mind-bending puzzles in Lara's second big adventure..

Gran Turismo 2

Publisher: Sony

Gran Turismo 2 expands on its famous predecessor with even more variety. The game features more than 600 cars, 27 tracks, hundreds of challenges, and more depth and replay value than any other racer on the face of planet., Jump into one of over 400 cars in GRAN TURISMO 2 and put the pedal to the metal. Every one of the 400 cars emulates the qualities of their real-world counterparts, including authentic engine sounds. Several European and American auto makers have been included in this installment of the game, so it's likely you can find the car you drive and see how it performs against other vehicles. GRAN TURISMO 2 offers the automobile enthusiast the opportunity to drive a huge assortment of cars without spending money for gas.

Syphon Filter

Publisher: 989 Studios

After terrorists steal a top-secret virus, the nation's top covert agent Gabe Logan is sent to stop them and recover the virus. Guide Logan as he travels through parks, subway tunnels, a museum, and a military compound on his world-saving mission. Along the way, Gabe will face many dangerous enemies, but he can take them out with a quick shot to the head. It's up to you to save the world from destruction in SYPHON FILTER.

Crash Team Racing CTR

Publisher: Vivendi

An alien named Nitrous Oxide appears and challenges Crash and his friends to a race. If Nitrous wins, he gets to take over the planet. Crash and company must win at all costs to avoid falling under the rule of Nitrous. Pick from classic CRASH BANDICOOT characters like Crash, Coco, and Dr. Cortex, each with custom carts, and hit one of the 25 tracks. Jump, power slide, and turbo your way to missiles and bombs you can use to get rid of the opposition. When you friends start talking trash, make them put up or shut up with versus mode. Play CTR: CRASH TEAM RACING and try to save the world from Nitrous Oxide.

Twisted Metal

Publisher: Sony

Drive into hi-tech heavy metal combat with Sonys TWISTED METAL. Choose from a variety of armed and dangerous demolition derby-style racers and see if you can survive the insane battle-rides that follow. You can select from a vicious arsenal of deadly weapons like machine guns, flamethrowers and advanced missile launchers. Climb behind the wheel of bizarre vehicles like a tricked-out taxicab, semi-truck, police car, motorcycle, Hummer and more. Fight in Single-Player mode or go head-to-head against a friend in Two-Player networked competition. TWISTED METAL is a fast-paced, car-blasting joyride that will leave you breathless.

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