How to Clean and Repair NES Games

How to Video for Cleaning a Nintendo Game

The video above shows exactly how to restore, fix, and clean a Nintendo game. It is great for removing stickers, writing on the game, or dirty connectors. Dirty connectors is the cause of most games not playing in your Nintendo console. Following these directions will fix 99% of the problems you have with a Nintendo game.

Supplies You Will Need

For Cleaning the Game only
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Q-Tip
For Restoring a Game Too
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Magic Eraser (found at most grocery stores)

Step-by-Step Directions to Clean and Repair NES Games

Restoring the Game

1. Spray any stickers with glass cleaner and wait a few minutes for the stickers to soften.

2. Using the razor blade and strarting at the corner of the sticker, scrape it off. It is easiest to pull off all the corners and then work on the middle.

3. Wet the Magic Eraser so it is damp, but not dripping. Rub it all over the game (avoiding the artwork on the front). This will remove writing on the game and the remaining sticker residue.

Cleaning the Game (If it won't play in your Nintendo)

4. Drip some rubbing alcohol onto a q-tip so one side is wet but not dripping.

5. Place the wet end of the q-tip inside the bottom of the game and press it up against the metal connector. Rub back and forth. Repeat this for the other side of the connector. The q-tip will most likely look dirty after use. This is a good sign.

After following these steps you Nintendo game should be working like new and look great too.

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