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Is JJGames a Reputable Place to Buy Games?

We have been in business selling used video games since 1999. We strive to offer great products at a reasonable price. Most importantly our customers agree. Read their reviews on our site and on third party sites like BizRate.

What is JJGames.com's return policy?

Every purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with a purchase you can return the item within 30 days for a refund or exchange. Visit our Quality Guarantee page for more information.

A 15% restocking fee will be applied to all items returned that were purchased by mistake or returned for personal reasons. The restocking fee will be deducted from your refund amount.

To start a return, visit our Return Center.

What is JJGames.com's privacy policy?

JJGames.com respects your privacy and will never rent, sell, lease, or distribute your personal information or buying behavior to a 3rd-party. Please read the full privacy policy.

What payment types does JJGames.com accept?

JJGames.com accepts payments via credit card, Bitcoin and PayPal.

Does JJGames.com ship internationally?

Yes. We ship to over 90 countries worldwide. To see a list of countries check the shopping cart.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Check the table below to see how long your order should take to arrive after it has shipped. The time is based upon how much you pay for shipping.

  • Normal/Free = 5-7 days for delivery (an average of 6 days)
  • Expedited = 3-4 days for delivery (an average of 3 days)
  • Express = 1-2 days for delivery (an average of 1 day)
  • International = 10-21 days for delivery (an average of 14 days)

How much does shipping cost?

USA: Shipping is free for all shipments within the USA if you choose economy shipping. The cost for faster delivery methods is based upon the weight of the items in your order.

Canada: Shipping is $3 if the order is less than 2 pounds (1 kg). Orders over 2 pounds are billed based upon the weight of the items in the order.

International: Shipping is a flat $4 if the order weights less than 2 pounds (1 kg). The cost of shipping orders over 2 pounds is based upon the weight of the items in your order.

All customs and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. They are not included in the cost of shipping on our site.

What do the condition ratings mean?

Brand New - Item is brand new and sealed.

Like New - Everything included is in near perfect condition with no signs of wear or use. Item should look like new but will not be sealed.

Good - Everything included looks good, but will have slight signs of use and wear. The cover of the game might be slightly faded, have sticker residue, or have a few stray markings. The box and instructions might have creases or dented corners.

Faded - The cover art on the item is faded. The label is entirely legible, but not as clear as when it was first made.

No Cover Artwork - The game's cover artwork has been torn off. The title of the game is written on to identify it.

Rental Stickers - Everything looks good on the game, but it has a rental sticker on the game showing it was previously rented.

Stickers on Game - The game, box, or instructions (if included) have stickers on them. They could be children's stickers or old pricing stickers.

Scratched Cover - The games cover art is partially scratched off. Some of the art is still there, but portions have been removed. Single scratches will be listed as 'Good' and no art work will be listed as 'No Cover Artwork'.

Writing on Game - There is some writing on the game cartridge or case. Usually someone's name, but it could be anything.

Loose Joystick - Controller has a loose joystick. The controller works to control the game but the joystick moves when moving the controller.

Cosmetic Problem - The system has a cosmetic problem but works just fine. There might be a big crack or a piece missing from the system, but it works perfectly.

What do I do if a game I receive doesn't work?

Cartridge Games - Most of the time these problems are caused by dirty games. Click below for step-by-step cleaning instructions for cartridge games.
How to Clean Nintendo 64 Games
How to Clean Super Nintendo Games
How to Clean Nintendo NES Games
How to Clean Sega Genesis Games

Disc Games - Using a clean, dry cloth rub the bottom of the disk from the inside to the outside. DO NOT rub in a circle. Do this until visible smudges and marks are gone.

If these steps do not work, please visit our Return Center.

Does JJGames.com buy used games?

Yes we do. Go to the Sell Your Video Games page for more information on selling your items to JJGames.com

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