Playstation 1 Gift Ideas

If your buying a Playstation Console as a gift and need to know what else to buy, this guide is for you. If someone asked for PS1 games on their Christmas list but you have no idea what to buy, this is for you too.

The Playstation 1 has lots of great games so it can be hard to know what to choose. The lists below will tell you the most popular PS1 gifts overall, great accessories, gifts for kids, and gifts for teenagers and adults.

Most Popular PS1 Games Given As Gifts

Gran Turismo

Publisher: Sony

GRAN TURISMO combines arcade and simulation racing in one package. You can hit one of 11 tracks with a limited number of cars in the Arcade mode, while those with a preference for simulation will want to play the Gran Turismo mode. Choose from close to 150 real-world cars that look and drive like their real-world counterparts and hit the track. With GRAN TURISMO, arcade racers and simulation racers can stop the feuding and live in peace.

Metal Gear Solid

Publisher: Konami

A special military unit known as Fox Hound, led by an evil expatriate, has taken over a nuclear installation in Alaska and plan to launch a nuclear warhead. Only one of their former members, the mysterious Solid Snake, is skilled enough to infiltrate the compound and stop them. Fortunately, the guards and Fox Hound are unaware of Snakes arrival. If he stays in the shadows, Snake will be able to move through the compound undetected and unharmed. Of course, it isnt all about stealth, and there are plenty of weapons at Snakes disposal. In METAL GEAR SOLID, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

Spyro the Dragon

Publisher: Sony

After years of insults, Gnasty Gnorc casts a spell that turns all dragons into crystals. Unfortunately (for Gnasty at least), the spell misses a young dragon named Spyro. Take control of this lucky dragon as he explores 36 levels for his trapped brethren. The going will not be easy since a number of enemies stand in the way. Luckily, Spyro can take them out with charge or fire-breath attacks. Help save the dragons from their crystalline cells in SPYRO THE DRAGON.

Crash Bandicoot Warped

Publisher: Sony

Uka Uka and Dr. Cortex have hatched a plot to gain control of the powerful crystals they desire. The have hired Dr. N. Tropy to create a time machine to make things easier for them. Now, Uka and Cortex can go back and take the crystals without interference....or can they? Take control of Crash and Coco as they travel through 30 levels in an effort to stop Uka and Cortex. Use a motorcycle, plane, bazooka, and a baby T-rex to help Crash survive. Will Crash and Coco be able to save the world? Play CRASH BANDICOOT Warped and find out.


Publisher: Hasbro

The arcade classic FROGGER has been updated for the PlayStation. You play the role of a frog as he tries to beat the traffic and make it across the swamp to the safety of his lily pad. Unlike his predecessors, this frog has some new moves to help him, including a tongue whip, super croak, and super hop.


Publisher: Activision

Spiderman is an Action & Adventure game for Playstation. If you've always wanted to be Spider-man, but you dont have a red leotard or the ability to make webs, get ready for your dreams to come true. Trek through the streets of the Big Apple, taking to rooftops, sewer bottoms, and secret villainous hideouts in order to accomplish your many missions. Youll face such dastardly foes as Scorpio, Venom, and Rhino in this 3D thriller. The simple controls make the learning curve pretty easy, and SPIDER-MAN has a few different modes to keep the replay value and fun factor high.

Final Fantasy VII

Publisher: Square

FINAL FANTASY VII has quickly become one of the best-selling Role Playing games of all time. Combining fully polygonal characters with pre-rendered backgrounds and a stirring musical score by Nobuo Uematsu, FINAL FANTASY VII is a worthwhile addition to any RPG collection. The story centers on the young mercenary Cloud Strife, who is fighting against the evil Shinra, Inc. Along the way, he meets an unforgettable cast of characters such as his childhood friend Tifa Lockhart and the grumpy pilot Cid Highwind. All together, it is an unforgettable and engrossing single-player game that can last for over 60 hours!

Need for Speed High Stakes

Publisher: Electronic Arts

NEED FOR SPEED High Stakes puts an interesting twist on racing games with different specification requirements for each car and multiple track variations. There are also Special Events that cost money to enter, but the payoff is more cars to buy cars in the Tournament mode. The game offers several tournaments. Some events are available only for specific cars, while others put you on the open road, with typical traffic obstacles in the way to slow you down. Split-screen racing is also available for some intense two-player action.

Tony Hawk 3

Publisher: Activision

This third installment in the series boasts a graphics overhaul, new trick combos, and levels that are up to twice as big as those in part two. There are tons of pros ready to compete, and you can even create your own boarders to take into competition (male or female). It's fitting that the most popular skater in history would inspire such an amazing video game series.

Tomb Raider

Publisher: Eidos

Jump into a world of amazing adventure with the PlayStation classic TOMB RAIDER. You are the incredible Lara Croft, a gorgeous, intelligent, highly skilled explorer of stunning proportions. With a wide array of stylish and lethal moves at your disposal and a ready arsenal of weapons to employ you're ready to meet any challenge head on. Seek out the mysterious Scion, investigate creepy, deathtrap filled tombs, and uncover hidden treasures. There are also plenty of mind-bending puzzles to put your brain to the test as well.

Most Important PSOne Accessories

PS1 Memory Card

Use: Save Progress In Games

The Playstation memory card goes inserts into the PSOne Console and saves your progress in games. With the memory card you can save your location in a game and come back to that same spot later. A single memory card can be used for many games. Sports games take up the most space so if you have lots of sports games, you might want a couple memory cards.

Dual Shock Controller

Use: Control Your Character In Games

Every PS1 Console comes with a single controller but many games support two players playing at once. Buying an extra controller allows more people to join in the fun. Extra controllers are great for most racing, sports, or

PSOne LCD Screen

Use: Play Games On The Go

The PSOne LCD Screen attaches to the PSOne system, the smaller more compact version of the Playstation 1. It allows you to play the games without having a TV. Great for car rides, vacations, or kids rooms. The screens come with the cords needed to plug it in and start playing.

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