How to Replace a Gameboy Color Battery

How to Video: Changing Gameboy Color Batteries

If your Gameboy Color games won't hold saves after you turn off the power it means the battery has died. Everytime you turn off the power the game "forgets" your save data because it no longer has power. If you replace the battery you can save your games again. This video shows step-by-step how to replace the Game Boy game battery.

Supplies You Will Need

Step-by-Step Directions to Replace Battery

Open the Cartridge

1. I like to use needle nose pliers instead of buying a special screwdriver. Clasp the outside of the screw and push down firmly. Rotate the cartridge clockwise. Continue this until the screw comes out. Repeat on the second screw.

2. Pull up on the top half of the cartridge while pulling towards you. The two halves should separate easily.

Remove the Old Gameboy Battery

3. The battery is the circle in the upper right corner of the circuit board. It is soldered in place so you will need to use the soldering iron to remove it.

4. Stabilize the circuit board on the table holding it upright and perpendicular to your body. Hold the battery with one hand and the soldering iron with the other. There are two points where the battery is attached to the board. Place the soldering iron on one of the points and pull gently with your other hand until one leg is removed from the board. Repeat this for the second leg.

Prepare New Battery

5. Make sure that the positive matches up with the positive and the negative with the negative.
Solder on New Battery

6. Try to match the battery inside the yellow circle as much as possible.

7. Place a small dab of solder on each leg of the new battery.

Close the GBC Cartridge

8. Put the circuit board back on the bottom half of the cartridge. It only fits on one way. Put the top half on and place the screws into the holes. Using the needle nose pliers grab a screw and gently push down. Turn the cartridge counter-clockwise until the screw is firmly in place. Repeat for screw two.

You Have a Working Gameboy Color Game & Battery

After following these steps your GBC game should be able to save again. Enjoy your resurrected game.

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