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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Games

Are there requirements on what I can sell?

There are just a few requirements:

  • Must have at least $50 in value
  • All items must be working
  • Consoles must include 1 controller & all cables

Do games require the box and instructions?

No, the box and manual are not required. Please include them if you have them, but we will pay for "game only" games too.

How do I get paid for the games I sell?

After we receive and inspect the items we will pay via Paypal. Paypal payment will be made the next business day. The full process from quote, to shipping, to payment takes an average of 7 business days.

You will only be paid for working items included on your quote.

How do I ship the video games to JJGames?

  • We provide a pre-paid shipping label
  • Print it
  • Attach it to the box with games inside
  • Drop off the box at any UPS location
Delivery usually takes 2-5 days after shipment.

What games can I sell?

JJGames buys all video games and consoles for every major video game system from the original NES to the Xbox One and Playstation 4.

We will pay the fair market value for games.

Do I pay anything for shipping?

We provide a pre-paid shipping label. So we will pay the actual shipping costs. We do subtract $10 from your quote to cover shipping costs.

It is beneficial to you to sell lots of games instead of only a couple at a time.

I live outside the USA, can I still use this?

Yes. The pre-paid shipping labels will not work outside the USA, but you can pay postage yourself. We will still pay the quote once we receive the items.

We will only pay for NTSC games. Please do not ship games from other regions.

Can I sell games in really bad condition?

Yes, but we will subtract money needed to refurbish them. Discs with horrible scratches, missing labels, heavy corrossion, or other major blemishes will be charged a 20% fee.

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