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America's Army True Soldiers Xbox 360

America's Army True Soldiers Xbox 360

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America's Army True Soldiers Description

America's Army: True Soldiers X360 America's Army now has the look and game play of a next-gen title with the backbone of the GRAW2 engine and the raw power of the Xbox 360. Co-developed with the U.S. Army As the only video game brand co-developed with the U.S. Army, the level of authenticity is unparalleled and the real-world scenarios and missions enhance this experience. Unparalleled Training Experience You will have a chance to pull on your boots and strap up your gear in the most realistic single-player training experience. Move through the ranks to become a Rifleman, Grenadier, Automatic Rifleman and Sniper. Use real-life simulations of War Games and the gear used by U.S. Army. Offline and Online Integration Build your Soldier in single-player mode and then use those skills and attributes to dominate the competition on Xbox Live. All-New Multiplayer Content Multiplayer is a big focus for this installment of America's Army and the game features eight maps developed by Red Storm under the guidance of U.S. Army Soldiers. Play-Lead-Recruit Feature Earn points through honorable actions and earn respect from other players you play via Xbox Live. As you gain respect, you move up through the ranks and become a true leader. High-Tech Equipment Players will have access to actual high-tech equipment from the Army,including Blue Force Tracker, which provides important information to the player. Additional Intel will be provided bythe Raven UAV displayed on their Blue Force Tracker and from AI teammates via in-game voice-over. Innovative Parental Controls Parental controls allow parents to determine the settings at the level they feel appropriate, tailoring the gameplay action for fresh recruits or for seasoned veterans.

America's Army True Soldiers Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Ubi Soft
UPC: 008888523659
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

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