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Enchanted Arms Xbox 360

Enchanted Arms Xbox 360

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Enchanted Arms Description

Over 1000 years ago a great war called "The Golem War" laid waste to the entire world. The war's name refers to the golems, artificial humanoid beings which were created to faithfully carry out commands. The golems continued the war for many years, but eventually stopped functioning. The world was eventually rebuilt, and the reasons for the great war have been forgotten. However there are those trying to discover the secrets behind the golems and various forms of magic that have been lost over the years which may be bringing humanity closer to another great war. The games story follows Atsuma, a student at Enchant University who is studying a form of magic known as enchanting. As events begin to unfold, Atsuma and his friends will need to use their abilities to save the world from another catastropheÂ…

Enchanted Arms Product Details

Genre: Role Playing
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Ubi Soft
UPC: 008888523147
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Enchanted Arms Reviews

Very good JRPG (Raziel in Uruguay)

This pseudo-old school jrpg might not be for everybody... but its tactical combat and interesting story will keep veteral fans of rpgs engaged for quite a while. Graphics are sharp on the Xbox 360 and full motion videos are also striking. Give this one a go!

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