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Resistance Fall of Man Playstation 3

Resistance Fall of Man Playstation 3

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Resistance Fall of Man Description

Re-creating world history, Resistance: Fall of Man invites players to travel back to 1950, where an evil force called the Chimera threatens to destroy mankind. Playing as U.S. Army Ranger Nathan Hale, gamers exploring the single-player campaign are enlisted to help the U.S. and British armies defend what is left of civilized Europe. To help with this arduous task, gamers are supplied with a variety of weapons including the Auger, a lightning gun that burns through all solid objects including an enemy's cover, the Sapper, a type of weapon that shoots ooze just as flammable and volatile as napalm, and the Hedgehog, a type of grenade that shoots 50 spikes in all directions. Players may also go on a mobile assault through the game by commandeering such vehicles as the Lynx, an alien Stalker, and more.

Resistance Fall of Man Product Details

Genre: First Person
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Sony
UPC: 711719810728
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Resistance Fall of Man Reviews

Good Co-Op Fun (Crusader in Alabama)

This game allows you to play same couch co-op through the main campaign, a rarity in modern gaming. Worth a playthrough for some simple minded alien annihilation.

Best resistance game ! (Anonymous in Ontario)

I played all 3 resistance games and in my opinion this is the best one. Yes, graphics are not as great as it's sequels and feel a bit last gen at times, but boy oh boy this game excels at one thing...war. As a shooting game, it feels like you are in an actual war with the dreaded chimera aliens. Battles have numerous NPCs (both friend and foe) and are frantic. The graphics are very stylized and atmospheric, typical of the shooter from around 2005/2006 but I find that part of it's charm.

Another great feature of this game are the amazingly fun weapons. You have 8 to choose from on your first playthru using a weapons wheel. During your second playthru you unlock additional weapons. These would be extremely fun in multiplayer, if the servers still worked.

Positives: frantic action, epic firefights, nice and stylized graphics, amazing weapons.

Negatives: multiplayer is no longer supported, level design seems disjointed as in levels do not blend in...many just abruptly end, story is lazily told with drawing and only a female narrator.

never got to play (Brittany deroin in Alabama)

I have bought 2 games they both didn't work... returned games twice for a working product. Never received the game or refund. Been 3 months and I don't have any of the games.. and have not got a refund... honestly I feel they are fake games and its been nothing but hassel

"Great game, hours of enjoyment (Ron in Texas)

Total satisfaction, with the whole transaction

Excellent game. (Denys Ortiz in El Salvador)

Good shooter, good story.

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