Grand Theft Auto IV Playstation 3

Grand Theft Auto IV Playstation 3 PS3

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Grand Theft Auto IV Description

Grand Theft Auto IV is the ninth title and the fourth main game in one of the most successful and iconic series in the history of videogames, and it is also the first title for the seventh generation of consoles. Following the tradition of the 3D transition of the series, GTA IV is entirely located in one of the three cities of the original GTA, Liberty City, but now in present time, and with an environment constructed much like GTA III but bigger and more detailed. Liberty City is a virtual city based heavily on New York, where the player's avatar, a Serbian ex-soldier called Niko Bellic, has to gain respect, welfare and power throughout the game. His main goal however is to offer services in exchange for information locate a few Serbians from his past who betrayed him. Like in most GTA games, the rise to power of the mobster apprentice begins with parts of the whole map inaccessible. He starts in Broker (based on Brooklyn), and, in order to access the other three districts of the city (based on the other major boroughs of New York City), the player has to make progress in the storyline. To do this, GTA IV has the usual structure based on missions, but with the major difference that, this time, there is not a mission state which prevents Nico from doing anything else. In GTA IV, the player can engage in various missions at the same time, and even has free access to the non-mission features of the game while doing one.

Grand Theft Auto IV Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Rockstar
UPC: 710425370113
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Grand Theft Auto IV Reviews

Good game. (Pappy45 in North Carolina)

Good game, excellent condition. Was just as advertised. Fast shipping and packaged great. Great company to deal with.

Good game, sloppy controls and DARK (Patrick Gestner in Wisconsin)

Liberty City look out, the Russian guys are on the street, and sidewalks. If you follow the GTA franchise. you'd know the steering and shooting controls in this and earlier titles were just about bad enough to set this one down and completely give it up for GTA V, which is much more improved in both control and graphics. I don't think NYC, which Liberty City is based on, is dark, as often as this game depicts

a great game (nellie malone in Florida)

it was a replacement game

Great Game (Shondell in New York)

Got the game at a GREAT price with free shipping. Game worked perfectly. Really just a fun game all-around. So much to do.

"So far everything I've order from this site" (Matthew Wiggins in North Carolina)

So far everything I've order from this site is right on the money and I will continue to order games in the near future. Great price with great inventory. Yea I mean some really epic games are sold out but it's understandable.

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