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Sega Dreamcast Console Sega Dreamcast

Sega Dreamcast Console Sega Dreamcast

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Used. Faded
System, Controller & Cables 62.55
Used. Scratched Cover
System, Controller & Cables 61.19
Used. Scratched Cover
System, Controller & Cables 61.19

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Sega Dreamcast Console Description

The Sega Dreamcast Console is a video game system developed by Sega. It is the first video game system to include a built in modem and online gaming. The Dreamcast is the home of great games like Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure, Soul Calibur, and Shenmu. Every Dreamcast includes 1 Controller, the AV cords for the TV, and the power cord.

The controller included could be a 1st party or a 3rd party brand controller.

Sega Dreamcast Console Product Details

Genre: Systems
Rating: Not Applicable
Publisher: Sega
UPC: 00040009276785
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Sega Dreamcast Console Reviews

Great purchase (David in Massachusetts)

Works great, a few scuffs on top, but no regrets.

Great Find (Travis in Alabama)

Needed a replacement console to play my imported titles on and they had one which worked perfectly.

worked great (anthony in Palau)

system and controller both work fine. Looks very slightly used I guess, not really sure what people would expect from a system that is 15 years old.

Just as fun as I remember, thank you JJGames

Great (JD Meyers in Kentucky)

Christmas present for my daughter. Works great. She loves Dreamcast for some reason.

Great system and ahead of it's time in some ways. (Evan Bennett in Maryland)

While the Dreamcast had a short life span of 2 years and it was sega's last console, that dosn't mean it's a bad console. The Dreamcast has many great games for it including Sonic adventure 1 and 2, Jet Grind Radio,and Power Stone.It even has in my mind better versions of resedent evil 2 and 3,and the Qbert remake.The controler feels great in your hands, speaking of controlers you can have 4 in a Dreamcast at once making 4 player games like bomberman online and power stone fun till this day with friends. The Dreamcast is also a very small console being the smallest of it's generation and it is a very asteticlly pleasing console unlike the xbox. Also it even has online, yes with a modem you can conect the Dreamcast to the internet plating games and even searching the web in a late 90's esc way. The internet games in some places still even are active till this day so if you have Quake III Arena you just might find a match still. I could just go on for hours about this great console but stop reading this and just buy one you won't regreat it, well all ecset that alot of the Dreamcast libary is some what expesive.

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