Expansion Pak Nintendo 64

Expansion Pak Nintendo 64 N64

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Expansion Pak Description

The Expansion Paks adds graphics capabilities to the Nintendo 64. With the expansion pak the N64 can show higher quality pictures, more characters, and better animations.

Expansion Pak Product Details

Genre: Accessories
Rating: Not Applicable
Publisher: Nintendo
UPC: 0045496860165
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Expansion Pak Reviews

Works perfectly (Ed McFarlin in Connecticut)

Easy to replace, works as expected

Awesome (Michael in Colorado)

I'm so happy I found an original expansion pack for a good price. I've ordered from jjgames before and I've never been disappointed.

AMAZING (Mel in Florida)

I had ordered a third party expansion pack before and was so heartbroken when it didn’t work. When I returned it and found JJ Games the Nintendo pack arrived super fast and the sigh of relief me and my friends had when the pack worked was insane! 10/10 would recommend!

Much needed expansion pak (Remah Howell in North Carolina)

This is needed for some of our games, so happy I waa able to purchase it at a good decent price!

Expansion Pak (Lee in Illinois)

Shipped fast , works great. Nintendo should gave had this built in when the system was first built.

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