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Dirt 2 Playstation 3

Dirt 2 Playstation 3

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Dirt 2 Description

As it's predecessor, the racing-game DiRT 2 doesn't just focus on accurately simulating the Rallye-sport like the earlier installments of the Colin McRae-Series did. Instead eight types of Offroad-events await the player during the main campaign called DiRT Tour: * Rallye - The player has to get as fast as possible to the finish line. He's the only one on the course at the same time and instead has to deal with hairpin curves and difficult terrain. * Trailblazer - Basically the same as Rallye but instead of narrow courses, this mode features long and open stages. * Raid - Races over wide and open terrain with many dangerous shortcuts allowing the player to get distance between him and the other drivers. * Landrush - All drivers start at the same time and the tracks are littered with crazy curves and jumps. * Rallyecross - Takes place on round-courses with a mix of dirt and asphalt streets. * Gatecrasher - The player has a limited amount of time to get to the finish line. To replenish that time, so-called gates are scattered around the track each granting +2 seconds upon destruction. * Domination - Similar to Rallye, the tracks are divided into sectors. Each sector gives 1-10 points depending on how fast the player in relation to his opponents finishes it. In addition 1-10 points are added for his final position in the race once he crosses the finish line. The winner is the driver with the most points. * Last Man Standing - As the name implies, the goal here is to race around the course and be the last car in the race at the end with the last car being removed after each lap.

Dirt 2 Product Details

Genre: Racing
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Codemasters
UPC: 767649402786
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Dirt 2 Reviews

Great Driving Game (Jon in Puerto Rico)

Pretty challenging but reasonable. Not sure how online multiplayer is still going if you're going for trophies. You'll have to check and see if they're still up or not.

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