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Demon's Souls Playstation 3

Demon's Souls Playstation 3 PS3

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Demon's Souls Description

In the land of Boletaria, the Old King Allant wakened the Old One, a terrible demon that was sealed away below the Nexus eons ago. Now a colourless fog is unleashing the demons and terrorizing mankind. Only one lone hero can save Boletaria from its doom. Demon's Souls is an action-RPG where the player can choose from a wide variety of starting classes, including hunters, knights, soldiers, priests and magicians. The objective is to proceed through five worlds and defeat the demon bosses at the end of each level. Killing enemies will give the player souls, the game's currency. These can be traded in for weapons, spells, miracles, items and equipment or to upgrade the player's stats at the Nexus, the world's central hub. During combat, the player has to watch their stamina bar, which decreases with physical movements like attacking, evading or blocking. Once a player dies, the game is not over, but the player respawns in soul form. This means that the player's health is reduced, but they do more damage against foes. Every time the player dies, they lose all their collected souls. However, these can be regained by touching the spot where the player lost their life. The game features an online portion, where it is possible to observe other players playing the game in alternate universes, running around the level as white phantoms. Places where players died are marked and can be viewed as a replay, to warn the player of imminent danger. It is also possible to leave messages about dangers like strong enemies or traps on the ground, which can be read by other players. With the use of special items, it is also possible to play cooperatively with other players or invade their worlds to kill them.

Demon's Souls Product Details

Genre: Role Playing
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Atlus
UPC: 4948872730228
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

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