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Heavy Rain Playstation 3

Heavy Rain Playstation 3 PS3

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Heavy Rain Description

How far are you willing to go to save someone you love? The Origami Killer has struck again. Recognized by his unique habit of leaving an origami figure at the center of his crimes, the serial killer has taken another victim. With his pattern of killing his victims within four days time is running out to save him. This is where the lives of four characters become entangled as they all search to stop the Origami Killer: Ethan Mars, a former architect overcome with depression and guilt over an accident leading to one of his son's death; Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler investigating the Origami case using an experimental device known as ARI (Added Reality Interface); Madison Paige, a nightmare filled journalist who unexpectedly finds her way into the investigation; and Scott Shelby, a private eye hired by families of victims of the serial killer to find things the authorities may have missed. Heavy Rain is a PlayStation 3 exclusive interactive drama title developed by Quantic Dream. Written by David Cage, founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, the story revolves around the lives of four characters as they try to stop the Origami Killer from taking the life of another victim. The game has a heavy emphasis on user choices, with different decisions you make completely changing the way the story unfolds and which will lead to one of the many possible endings the game offers. There is no game-over screen if one of or all of the main characters die, there will just be a different ending given. Similar to Quantic Dream's previous title Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit, the game is moved along primarily by the use of QTEs (Quick Time Events). Movement of your character is done by holding the R2 button and choosing a direction with the left analog stick. Holding the L2 button brings up your characters thoughts and pressing the button to go along with each thought will lead him/her to say or do something.

Heavy Rain Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Sony
UPC: 711719816423
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Heavy Rain Reviews

Worst game ever played (Michael Gatlin in Georgia)

I was thinking about returning it sorry but it wasn't what I expected

Great game (lynnypoo in Alabama)

This game has twists and turns..i love the mystery of it..

great (Leonardo in Chile)


order recieved on august, 13th, 2014 (Nick Sanchez in Arizona)

Just got this today a day before estimated arrival. Popped it in, game installation is now in progress. Everything came as decribed , included booklet , paper origami figure. Original case. .. good business here. You will see me again in the near future.. Many thanks

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