God of War III Playstation 3

God of War III Playstation 3 PS3

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God of War III Description

In the end, there will only be chaos The Ghost of Sparta returns in this final chapter of the God of War trilogy. Continuing right after the events of God of War II, Kratos, the fallen god and spartan warrior, finds himself riding on the back of the Titan Gaia toward Mt. Olympus. Betrayed and killed by his father and ruler of Olympus, Zeus, to give up his power, Kratos returns from the Underworld and decides that he will bring about the death of Zeus by any means necessary. Knowing that the battle against the Olympians would not be easy, he enlists the help of the Titans, the former Elder Gods overthrown by Zeus and his brothers, to help exact revenge. With nothing much to live for, Kratos will stop at nothing to bring chaos to all of Olympus. God of War III retains much of the same form of gameplay as with the previous titles in the series. An action-adventure title described as a hack-and-slash, you control the main character Kratos as he battles against many kinds of enemies. Fighting is done by pressing different button combinations which are assigned to certain moves. Finishing off an enemy is done by initiating a QTE (Quick-time Event) when the proper symbol appears above their heads. Kratos also gains some new weapons to go along with the old, including the Cestus and the Blade of Olympus. Along with the single player story mode, GoW3 includes various extras and modes. Finishing the game once unlocks the Chaos difficulty and also unlocks an assortment of challenges called the Challenge of Olympus. Also, videos such as The Making of God of War III and unlockable costumes that grant Kratos special powers can be found in the Treasure section of the game after certain requirements are met.

God of War III Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Sony
UPC: 711719811121
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

God of War III Reviews

☺ good game (Tomo)

Perfect game i love so much

awesome (L-wayne in Alabama)

worked great

GRANDIOSO (sanchezmartinez in El Salvador)

Excelente juego y aun gran precio en jjgames.com, una gran adquisicion

A great game! (Anonymous in Massachusetts)

In my personal opinion, this is the best in the "God of War" series. The whole game is basically boss battle after boss battle.

Wow (Butch in Illinois)

It is everything you want from god of war and more.love the graffix and the game play is smooth. Love the game and can't wait for part 4.

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