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Red Dead Redemption Playstation 3

Red Dead Redemption Playstation 3 PS3

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Red Dead Redemption Description

Red Dead Redemption is an open-world adventure game, set in the Wild West at the beginning of the 20th century. A well-defined main character and a strong narrative provide the structure for mission-based progression through the adventure, but the sandbox-style game world allows players to explore and interact as they wish, moving from town to town through the harsh wilderness on horseback, by stagecoach, or on a train. Throughout their travels, players can hunt and skin wild animals, gamble, capture bounties, engage in duels, search for treasure, and help those in need. The game is built on the same Rockstar software engine that runs Grand Theft Auto IV, and the user-directed action-adventure playing style is similar to that of GTA4 as well, although the setting is very different.

Red Dead Redemption Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Rockstar
UPC: 710425375736
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Red Dead Redemption Reviews

A good alternative game for Grand Theft Auto. (Daniel in North Dakota)

This is one of my son's main games to play now.

Fun!!! (Tom in Pennsylvania)

This game is great on its own, without the cheats. I'll be honest - I was having a great time playing the game and was about 10-12 hours into it. Loving it. But then I noticed the "cheats" option, and enables pretty much every cheat that made me invincible, way OP, one hit kills, etc. The cheats were fun for a while, but they ruined the game for me. It became too easy and it wasn't much fun after an hour or so. I'm going to delete the save file and begin anew.

I love JJ's Games website. I received my games quick and in great condition. I am actually back today to purchase more games. jJ gets five stars from me.

Great (Tyler in Minnesota)

Fun game. The package came as it was described.

Best Price Quick Delevery (LEO RUOCCO in Alabama)

Who could ask for anything more A1

Fun for adults 18+ (Daniel DeRocker in Minnesota)

Grab your wench and your spit bucket an saddle up next to your gaming chair and yippie kai aye aye.

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