Hey You Pikachu Nintendo 64

Hey You Pikachu Nintendo 64 N64

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Hey You Pikachu Description

Hey You Pikachu is a Voice Recognition game for Nintendo 64. Leap into the phenomenally successful world of Pokemon with HEY YOU, PIKACHU! for the N64. Plug in your voice recognition system microphone and actually converse with Pikachu. As Pikachu gets to know you and your friendship develops, youll find yourselves engaging in a wide variety of fun activities and mini-games. You'll visit Bulbasaur at his picnic, baby-sit for Caterpie, collect colorful items and friend points, answer Pokemon trivia questions, and solve challenging puzzles. The pre-teen crowd is sure to make friends with HEY YOU, PIKACHU! from Nintendo.

Hey You Pikachu Product Details

Genre: Other
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
UPC: 045496870768
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Hey You Pikachu Reviews

Pretty Fun Game (Vlad in Russia)

I bought this game mostly to complete my N64 Pokemon games collection. Howewer I think it`s pretty fun, especially for kids.

Nice game (Jose Haro in California)

My grandson injoy's the game I enjoy the free shipping,

sweet if you have it complete (Victor Morgan in Missouri)

Decent price. What it was going for on ebay. It arrived on time. And it came with a coupon to get 10% off next purchase.

fun but very basic fun (mike in Florida)

Look I love this game but it does get old fast. I mean how many times can you yell "hey you pikachu" at your TV lol. I remember this being alot more of a "game" when I was younger, but playin it now its just a bunch of say this and say that and if you say anything else pikachu looks at you confused. But still if you never played it get it just so at least you can say you have.

Fun (Luis E Jimenez in Arizona)

It´s a very good game but you should have the microphone to enjoy it, but don´t forget that this kind of games from nintendo was the first idea to create the nintendo Ds and Wii

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