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Destiny Playstation 3

Destiny Playstation 3

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Destiny Product Details

Genre: First Person
Rating: Teen
UPC: 047875846555
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Destiny Reviews

Best (Anonymous)

It was in good condition, works perfectly, it was a very good purchase

Refreshing take on an FPS (texan_random_gamer in Texas)

Let me start off with the one thing I haven't enjoyed about this game. It requires a fairly good internet connection 100% of the time owing to nearly every level and mission being an "open world" filled with other players. So if you don't have Internet access or its too slow, this game isn't going to be for you.

That being said, I think this game is very well done for many reasons.

Structure The game tells the story of Guardians who protect the Last City on earth from the Darkness. A post-apocalyptic world with more sophisticated aliens rather than zombies or other demonic looking creatures. It follows a basic order but also allows a lot of side missions at every location. The multiplayer side of the game also allows you to upgrade weapons and armor and carry it over for story mode (very helpful.) Another feature is the ability to have multiple game saves in the form of different Guardians (3 Guardian types, 3 species, and 2 genders.)

Design The layout of the levels is incredibly detailed and in depth. The original design art is beautiful. It truly feels like the future we might actually expect, nothing stereotypical or Hollywood.

Multiplayer The multiplayer isn't anything groundbreaking, but it does have a few interesting features. One major drawback is the matchmaking. When I first played MP, I was level 8 and was paired with levels 20 and up. I understand the need for a challenge but I was laughably outmatched.

Overall I think Destiny is a great game and well worth buying, and definitely trying at least once for any fan of futuristic and first-person games.

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