Star Wars Battlefront Xbox

Star Wars Battlefront Original Xbox

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Star Wars Battlefront Description

Star Wars Battlefront is an Action & Adventure game for Xbox. Join the empire, rebels, or droids and battle your way across the galaxy with online allies in STAR WARS: Battlefront, a multiplayer adventure set in the STAR WARS universe.

Star Wars Battlefront Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Teen
Publisher: LucasArts
UPC: 023272324759
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Star Wars Battlefront Reviews

Tits on a T-rex good (Blake in Alabama)

I've played Battlefront 2 more but damn the maps hold up and buy this instead of EA "Battlefront". EA Battlefront could have been an hd version of this and BF2 and no one would have complained. I can't believe a game from 04&05 is better than a game ten years later.

Better than the second!!! (Zach in Indiana)

Amazing graphics for its time. Amazing gameplay, and control is also great. Reccomend playing asap.

BETTER THEN FRESH DONUTS (Jonathan Chacon in Pennsylvania)

Bitting into a fresh donut where it melts in your mouth is like the best thing ever. It's like angels landed on your tongue and kissed it. This game is better then a fresh donut off of the conveyor belt that's just been glazed. How unreal is that.

Good old school Xbox game (Corey Pritchard in Kentucky)

Came in good shape and timely manner. Worked flawlessly.

SO GOOD (Jordan in Ontario)

such good gameplay, always makes me come back for more.

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