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Rugrats Time Travelers Gameboy Color

Rugrats Time Travelers Gameboy Color GBC

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Game only 3.40

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Rugrats Time Travelers Description

The Rugrats are about to find out that the only thing more exciting than traveling through your own backyard is traveling through time. After discovering a time machine, the kids accidentally scatter themselves throughout history, and you're the only one who can reunite the famous babies with their beloved cohorts. Each of the game's 12 levels puts you in charge of a different character, charging you with tasks like finding a lost toy, locating fellow Rugrats, or tracking down mysterious items. The whole debacle begins when Chuckie won't enter the time machine with the other babies, but he changes his mind as soon as the rest if the gang disappears and leaves him all alone. Chuckie's attempt to track down the others puts him in the 1800s, but none of his friends are there. In fact, Tommy is in ancient Egypt, Angelica is at an old circus, Phil is trapped in prehistory, and Dil is, somehow, lost in space! Can you collect all of the lost items and round up the babies before it's too late?

Rugrats Time Travelers Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Publisher: Not Available
UPC: 785138320397
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Rugrats Time Travelers Reviews

its ok (james in New Zealand)

the game gets boring after about 5mins playing it because it takes forever to do one mission

pretty fun (Lucy in Alabama)

I played this game when I was little and loved it. You wander levels looking for things with fun mini games in between. It can get pretty frustrating because the levels are hard to navigate and you have to type in a code to continue earlier progress, but it's overall pretty fun. It's good for kids, especially if they like the Rugrats (I'm not sure there are kids watching it still, but hey, it's on Netflix). Definitely worth the cost.

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