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Duke Nukem Time to Kill Playstation

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Playstation

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Duke Nukem Time to Kill Description

Time-traveling aliens have threatened the Earth. To save the world, Duke Nukem must go back to ancient Rome, the Wild West, a futuristic Space Age, and other time periods to find the colored crystals that are the key to defeating the aliens. Until he finds the crystals, Duke uses pipe bombs, gatling guns, and shotguns to put the bad guys out of commission. When destroying the alien hordes is not enough, challenge your friends to a deathmatch. Hold steady Duke, and who knows what prizes await you.

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Product Details

Genre: First Person
Rating: Mature
Publisher: GT Interactive
UPC: 710425230837
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Reviews

One of my favorite games of all time (Marty Rourke in Florida)

I love this game...tons of areas to explore to find hidden items, weapons, etc, lots of stupid aliens just waiting to be exterminated, and Duke's one-liners are hilarious. I love the time travel as well, and the challenge stages to get upgrades for your weapons are a nice touch. Great game despite its age.

1 and 2 player mode classic (Anonymous)

works great !!!!!!!!!

A good but extreamly dated game by todays standards (ozzy554 in Massachusetts)

Duke Nukem Time To Kill feels like a combination of Duke Nukem 3d and Tomb Raider. Its a good game but it has the same problem as the early tomb raider games: clunky controls. It can take a while to get used to but when you do Time to kill is a fun game. The plot of the game has you traveling through time to stop the aliens from changing history and taking over the world. It's also a challenging game. If you have the patience to learn the controls and master the levels than definitely try this one out.

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