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WCW Thunder Playstation

WCW Thunder Playstation PS1

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WCW Thunder Description

Wrestling comes screaming back to the PlayStation with WCW or NWO THUNDER. Fans of the wrestling shows will feel as if they've really entered the arena, as the presentation matches that of the event perfectly. There are 64 wrestlers to choose from, each with individual moves, unique music, and even introductory video clips. You can grapple in 11 different modes, with support for up to two people at once. WCW or NWO THUNDER puts you right in the middle of the action with superb realism and great gameplay.

WCW Thunder Product Details

Genre: Wrestling
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: THQ
UPC: 752919470312
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

WCW Thunder Reviews

LIKED Nitro (eric in Indiana)

Well Thunder is more of the Same except more modes updated Roster the ability to Switch between Stable ALLANCES If your in WCW You can go n.W.o if your n.W.o you can go wolfpack if your Wolfpack you can be a HORSEMAN Depending on your mood WCW THUNDER HAS A CAGE MATCH AND A BATTLE ROYAL MODE As well as Championship Tournaments and Weapons I Personally loved the AUTHENTIC WCW ATMOSPHERE OF Nitro And Thunder Doesn't fall short it ads more Wrestlers more modes and slightly better graphics all in all if your like me and loved Nitro Then THUNDER Is a must have because it's n.W.o Hollywood 4 LIFE It's JUST TOO SWEET

Rough around the edges and very difficult (Daniel in Manitoba)

This game isn't fantastic. Wrestling is very fast paced, but every wrestler has their own moves that require fighting game styled inputs. These can be really hard to pull off, and you'll constantly need the booklet to remember each character's moves. There's a weak variety of match types and a lack of a real single player mode.

It's definitely not great, but if you just want a silly game to play with friends, it might be passable.

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