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Blast Chamber Playstation

Blast Chamber Playstation

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Blast Chamber Description

The year is 2096. You are a nameless humanoid, having been trained by the stable for one purpose only, to compete in The Game. Once the bomb is strapped on, The Game begins. If time runs out, your body will become a heap of unrecognizable flesh. Only finding the crystal on each of the 60 levels will keep you alive. Can you survive the BLAST CHAMBER?

Blast Chamber Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Teen
Publisher: Activision
UPC: 047875552104
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Blast Chamber Reviews

Greatest game for PS ever (RC in Wisconsin)

Used to play this all the time with my Roomie back in the old PS days. Picked it up for a song and a dance because he moved back to time and we wanted to relive the good ol' days. Worked flawlessly on PS3. A little pixelated on HD TVs, but not so much that it was unplayable.

A great game.

Awesome game; thumb destroying arcade fun (Vince in Pennsylvania)

Blast Chamber is a fantastic design that should be revisited by some studio nowadays - it would be a killer $10 download nowadays if updated and refined. Because man... it is rough. It has not aged well. The fun shines through, but it's gross, haha.

JJGames' copy was disc only and came in their usual thin paper sleeve with a plastic window. It's perfect; not a scratch on it. Plays great on my PS3 or PS2 Slim. Just needed to pop it into a proper CD Case. JJG comes through again!

So what is Blast Chamber? It's an old 90's game by Activision where you get thrown into a single screen, cubic arena along with 3 other poor souls. Everyone (Red, Blue, Yellow and Green) has a bomb strapped to their chest, and as soon as the match drops, a timer starts going down - when yours goes down, you die. So every person goes after the ball, and depending on whether or not you run it into your goal or someone else', it's used to either add seconds to your timer or bring down someone else' timer by a good chunk of time. You can tackle the ball carrier to knock it loose, or rotate the arena to drop them (likely everyone) so they drop it as the whole thing spins 90 degrees, making the floor and ceiling into the walls. You're gonna have to rotate the arena eventually anyway, because different goals are on different walls.

It's a really cool game design, and it still is loads of fun. The thing is, it's ancient, even by PSX standards. It's a fully 3D game, but came out before the Dual Shock 1, so you have to move around in 3D... with the dpad. Seriously, after a few rounds, your thumb will hate you. Hence, the title of the review ;)

Beyond that, it's also really rough elsewhere. The actual arena and VFX still looks okay by PSX standards, but the characters aren't 3D. They're stiffly moving sprites that scale around to fake depth - remember the pre-3D Maddens on the Playstation. It's like that, and it sucks. They just don't feel very attached to their surroundings, which isn't a problem when they're falling all over the place as the arena rotates (that never stops being fun), but gets annoying when everyone's in a pile brawling to knock out the ball carrier or nab the ball for themselves. The menu is also so barebones it's confusing, and there's not much to do here besides play rounds in all the levels - there's no story mode or championship mode or tournament or nothing like that.

It's rough, and you can't play it for long because of the dpad, but it's a blast if you can get over that - pun definitely intended. It's just a real shame that Activision never revisited this. A Blast Chamber 2 later on the PSX would've been awesome!

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