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Dino Crisis Playstation

Dino Crisis Playstation

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Dino Crisis Description

Guide Regina as she explores and fights her way through 3D environments in an effort to save Dr. Edward Kirk. With some help from her communications officer, Rick, and a few weapons pistols, shotguns, grenades, and poison darts she can do battle with the raptors, pteradons, and t-rexes that inhabit Ibis Island. Only by using both brain and brawn will you be able to survive the dangers in DINO CRISIS.

Dino Crisis Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Mature
Publisher: Capcom
UPC: 013388210459
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Dino Crisis Reviews

A great game (Pdmcdonald in Arkansas)

Plays perfect is a fun game to play when I ordered the game I got it promptly

great (jhon gamboa in Colombia)

almost new perfect condition

Just Awesome (Jacob R. in Texas)

Dino Crisis is a horror survival game that keeps you on edge never knowing what to expect and always searching for ways to deal with that unepected "raptor" or "T-Rex" that jumps you at the last moment. I played this with my father as a middle aged boy, and although it scared the crap out of me at that age, I never forgot how awesome this game was. If you like adrenaline rushes and the challenge of surviving against all odds, then this is the game for you. Not to mention the neat weapons and items you MUST manage to stay alive. That being said, this game isn't intended for young audiences. Probably best for 14 and up. I give Dino Crisis 5 stars for the thrill and for being one of those games that money and development wasn't wasted on. If anything, it set and sets a benchmark for horror games. If you beat the game already and are tired of playing Dino Crisis just because it is awesome, buy Dino Crisis 2. It's like the first game on crack, as you get all new and much more powerful weapons, new items, new story, and new dinos to fight. Also, unlike the first game, take dino fighting to a whole new level by going "down into the depths" underwater. The story is also epic. That being said, I 100% disagree with the review dissing Dino Crisis 2 earlier. Dino Crisis 1 and 2 are some of those games you will always want to own.

readent dino (joseph gutierrez in New Mexico)

dino crisis is like resident evil with dinosaurs and for horror game fans it give something different to play with that is not your normal go of horror monsters.

Super Cool (Gbedbdsg in Ohio)

I loved "Dino Crisis" its just fun mindlessly shooting dinos in the face! But I didn't like "Dino Crisis 2" it was just soooo boring,but anyway I would reccemend this to anyone with a Ps1, Ps2, or even a Ps3! But there is moments that are not made for younger kids.. But I would reccemend this! 8 out of 10!

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