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Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64

Super Mario 64 Nintendo 64 N64

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Super Mario 64 Description

Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64 is an action, platforming game. Collect all the stars that Bowser has stolen and spread throughout the mushroom kingdom. Then lead Mario as he defeats Bowser in a final battle to save Princess Peach. Super Mario 64 was a launch game for the Nintendo 64 and is the first 3D Mario game ever made.

Super Mario 64 Product Details

Genre: Action & Adventure
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
UPC: 045496870010
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

Super Mario 64 Reviews

The Gaming Equivalent to DaVinci's the Last Supper (Felix Raymee Vitela in California)

Just as Symphony of the Night is to 2D gaming, Super Mario 64 is the definitive Title to 3D gaming. If anyone asks to you, "What defines gaming as a whole?/What IS a true game?", Quickly mention Super Mario 64. This game, much like SOTN, is crafted with much observed care, love, influence and satisfaction, and boy does it show. The late Charles Martinet truly gives his all in his Awesome Career-defining performance as the now cheery, heroic and happy-go-lucky Italian plumber we all know and love. From his line-deliveries to his Jolly tone and Acte Équilibré, It's easy to see why he still holds the record for the current 100 Mario voiceovers and is so loved by all. ALSO, The Controls feel like you ARE Mario, from the Jumps to the punches, kicks, walljumps, sliding, crawling, flight, throwing, looking (Yes, Looking) YOU NAME IT, It allows for complete and total control while you go on your long voyáge throughout Peach's many paintings. To even pull off one Single jump is satisfying on its own, and to pull off a Jump, followed by another and so in perfect harmony is nothing short of Magical, seeing as Mario yells out "Yahoo!" in pure bliss and saying "Haha!" after landing brings out joy to any player, be-it Veterans or Newcomers. To get your hat stolen by an Ukiki out of nowhere, slowly walking and tip-toeing your way around and to also mess around with Mario's face to the point of making absurd facial gestures brings an already reveared game much needed humor to improve it. For the level design, almost every location is choreographed in such a way that stepping in makes you feel immersed into this wonderful world. Almost every single thing, no matter how mundane or simplistic it is, was designed to be interacted with. Speaking of which, every secret this game has to offer is hidden just well enough to feel satisfying once you discover it. VTll;dr, To do anything simple in this game is an event. It truly has been the most revolutionary videogame of our childhoods and it will forever be cherished by our grandkids of the future for millennia. As a matter of fact, simply reading this review won't do this game justice. Picking it up and playing it as a Beginner or a Pro will most certainly continue a legacy of 20 whole years of wholesome life. The only minor gripe i have with the game is how Lakitu's camera handles. It's a given, but at some points does it become a hazard in itself, pointing outward to have you killed or offtrack half the time. Thankfully, for the more obscure and blurred points, Mario's camera helps you guide yourself in those times by pointing the camera directly behind him. That's all

Superb Game!!! (Alix Eugene in New York)

Super Mario 64 is a fun game, but some of it is really challenging. I hope to beat it.

First Mario game (Louis Bennett in Texas)

This was my very first Mario game to ever own and play when I was young. I’m happy to finally have it back in my possession again.

Good game (Erik Stauch in Massachusetts)

We love mario and rpg is fun

Easy Transation (Jason in Maryland)

The game came as advertised, on time and in perfect working order. Good company, will order from again.

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