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F-Zero Super Nintendo

F-Zero Super Nintendo SNES

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Game only 15.66
Used. Good
Game only 14.56
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 14.10
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Game only 12.36
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Game only 12.25
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 12.12
Used. Good
Game only 11.70
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 10.83
Used. Cosmetic Problems
Game only 10.40
Used. Scratched Cover
Game only 9.64

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F-Zero Description

F-ZERO delivers the excellent play control you've come to expect in a game from Mr. Miyamoto and his team at Nintendo. You can bank with the R Button and tip down your nose while making jumps. You'll need all the control you can get, too, as you roar through the twists and turns of F-Zero's 15 deviously difficult courses. There are four hover cars to choose from, each with its own strong points and weak points. Strategy plays a big part in this speedfest.

F-Zero Product Details

Genre: Racing
Rating: Everyone
Publisher: Nintendo
UPC: 045496830021
Region: US and North America (NTSC)

F-Zero Reviews

Awesome SNES launch title (Nathan Strik in Netherlands)

It showed the power of the SNES way back when the SNES was new, but it still manages to rise above being merely a tech demo. Amazing, and wonderful challenging futuristic racing at its best!

Great racing game (Jerry New in Netherlands)

Just the tune of the first track gives you the retro chills. Great racing game.

Must have in every SNES collection (Pedro Freitas in Portugal)

Great classic!My copy is in great condition and works fine!

One of my all-time 16-bit favorites. A classic for the SNES. (Pete F in Iowa)

Even though F-Zero was an early SNES release, it really shows off the mode 7 hardware in the system well. Simple in premise. Easy to play, but difficult to master sci-fi racing game with a fantastic score.

Fun for All Ages (CRAIG HOWK in Florida)

Not overly difficult. Great way to exercise the coordination of the brain, eyes, and hands in both children and the old.

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